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The 4th Central Research Institute of the Russian Defence Ministry

The structure of the Federal State Establishment (FSE) «The 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation» consists of several research centers and departments engaged in research in various fields of missile, space and aviation systems.

FSE «The 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation» is intended for research of topical problems of military theory and practice of construction, development, preparation and combat use of the functional components of the Strategic Deterrent Forces, the Aviation of the General-Purpose Forces, as well as the Integrated Air Defence System of the states – members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

When the R&D are being realized, particular attention is paid to the following issues:

  • strengthening strategic stability in the world due to arms reduction, reducing the cost of national defence;
  • introduction of resource-saving technologies in the process of creation, maintenance and elimination of weapons;
  • developing and implementing dual-use technologies to create new weapons;
  • ensuring information technology security and information security certification.

The Institute takes part in the works to ensure the launches of spacecraft on commercial programs. Scientific-and-technical potential of the Institute allows to workmanlike choose rational types of launching vehicles for specific spacecraft, to conduct an independent examination of the project materials and work products in industry and launching cosmodromes on space centers on placing into working orbits of commercial satellites.


Phone number+7 (495) 515-11-85
Address29 Tikhonravova Str., the city of Yubileyny, 141091 Moscow Region, RUSSIA

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