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The 27th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

The framework of the Federal State Establishment «The 27th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation» includes several research centres and departments engaged in research on various aspects of control systems, information infrastructure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, signal communications systems, as well as topogeodesic and navigational support.

From its earliest days the Institute started to form the scientific and technical basis for solving scientific-and-practical tasks. Due to the successful development of the first national computers, training specialists in programming the Institute in a short time became a scientific institution, capable of conducting serious research in order to improve the defence of our country. The works completed in 60-70s made it possible to lay the foundations of automation of control processes in the Armed Forces, to develop methods for solving information-computing tasks using data processing machines, science-based proposals for implementation of automation into headquarters and troops.

In the eighties, the first automated control systems were put into service for military use. Particular attention was paid to development of the special mathematical software of military automated control systems, modeling operations and combat actions of troops (forces), information-computing tasks in order to ensure daily activities of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

In 1981, the Institute was awarded the Order of Labour Red Banner for services in creation of special technologies.

Over the last decade the research and development performed by the Institute, ensured creation and implementation of a number of the stationary and mobile systems and automation systems of outdoor surveillance.

Based on the Institute’s researches the first generation of military field radio stations, radio intelligence means, switchboards, communications cables, telephone and telegraph sets, using which the Red Army entered the Great Patriotic War, was created. In addition, the Institute made a significant contribution to development of various areas of radio electronics. In 1943 the Institute was awarded the Order of Red Star for outstanding achievements in equipping the Red Army with modern signal communications means.

The Institute was one of the originators and initiators of creation of radio relay and tropospheric stations, equipment and data transmission systems, analogue and digital means of channel formation, various communications terminals, hardware field communication offices and command and control vehicles, mobile radio communications systems, automated control systems of signal communications. Specialists of the Institute were among the first to conduct research to develop satellite communications systems.

For development in the field of digital cartography by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 30, 1984 the Institute was awarded the Order of Labour Red Banner.

Currently, the Institute actively works on:

  • comprehensive research in the field of automation and improved control of the Armed Forces;
  • research and testing in design, improvement and development of systems, facilities and means of military signal communications, systems and means of terrestrial radio intelligence;
  • improvement of topogeodesic and navigational support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The Institute has the dissertation councils (doctoral) in four specialties.


Phone number+7 (495) 945 76 96
Address5 1st Khoroshevsky Passage, 123007 Moscow, RUSSIA

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