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The 25th State Research Institute of chemmotology of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Federal Autonomous Establishment «The 25th State Scientific Research Institute of chemmotology of the Russian Ministry of Defence» (further – Institute) is the only scientific institution in the Russian Federation Armed Forces and the whole country, which conducts research in the field of chemmotology and coordinates work on creation, testing, optimization of quality, uniformity, standardization, interchangeability, and standardization, cost savings and rate setting of expenditures, admission to production and rational use in technologies of fuels, lubricants, special fluids and petroleum product technical facilities.

The scientific work of the Institute aims to develop the theory and practice of creating and upgrading of fuels and lubricants (POL), technical means of the fuel service (TM FS), acquisition and effective use of new knowledge in order to enhance the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (RF AF), defense capacity and the country’s economy as a whole.

The Institute has two main functions, which are closely interrelated:

  • as a military research organization (for the RF Armed Forces) – scientific support for the combat readiness and combat capability of the RF Armed Forces through timely creation, proper and rational use in armaments and military equipment and continuous improvement service characteristics of lubricants, military characteristics of TM FS;
  • as a state research institute (for state use and national defence) – improving the efficiency of the country’s economy by means of addressing the scientific and technical problems, expansion of production resources, modernization of the system of acceptance testing, ensuring the required quality and rational use of fuels, oils, greases and special liquids in machinery and equipment of the civil sector of the countr5y’s economy.

The head of the 25th State Scientific Research Institute of chemmotology of the Russian Defence Ministry – Vladimir V. Sereda.


Phone number+7 (499) 141 55 15
Address10 Molodogvardeyskaya, 121467 Moscow, RUSSIA
Fax+7 (499) 726 45 70

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