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14.09.2021 (09:30) At the JSE Zapad-2021, the crews of the Aerospace Forces of Russia checked the readiness of the air defence forces on duty in the Western Military District Pilots of planes and helicopters had to overcome the duty zones of the air defence forces, trying to remain unnoticed by radar stations.
10.09.2021 (21:15) The WMD fighters took up combat duty at the operational airfields of the district within the framework of the JSE Zapad-2021 The engineering and technical staff of the aviation units of the Western Military District carried out a set of measures for servicing equipment and preparing aircraft for departure to perform tasks for their intended purpose.
09.09.2021 (15:45) In Kyrgyzstan, Russian Su-25 attack aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters provided support for troops at the Rubezh-2021 exercise The planes and helicopters involved in the joint operation to destroy the mock IAF struck with unguided missiles at targets simulating a column of military equipment and an assembly of enemy manpower.
02.09.2021 (09:55) Russian crews win Aviadarts competition cup Russian pilots took first places in the nominations: bomber, assault, long-range aviation and army aviation on combat and transport-combat helicopters.
01.09.2021 (12:10) Participants of Aviadarts 2021 competition complete the final stage In total, during the final stage, participants of Aviadarts 2021 competition used 460 shells for aircraft cannons, 24 aircraft bombs and 180 unguided aircraft missiles.
30.08.2021 (13:31) Final stage of Aviadarts competition has started in Ryazan Specially for the most spectacular part of the competition, targets for small arms, missile and bomb weapons were prepared at the training ground near Ryazan.
30.08.2021 (10:40) Before the final competition, the Russian team is leading in almost all nominations of Aviadarts competition In the nomination of transport and combat helicopters, a competition record in terms of points gained in piloting technique was set by a pair of crews from the Stavropol Territory.
26.08.2021 (11:30) After conducting three flight tests at Aviadarts International competition, the Russian team strengthened its leadership by winning the aerial reconnaissance stage in all categories. The crews of Mi-8 helicopters from the Stavropol Territory received the maximum number of points in the history of the competition for performing the piloting technique.
25.08.2021 (17:05) Military Transport Aviation aircraft of Russian Defence Ministry delivers Kyrgyz citizens evacuated from Afghanistan to the airfield of Kant city Earlier, the aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Ministry of Defence delivered the citizens of the republic to Tajikistan.
25.08.2021 (16:45) Russian Defence Ministry military transport aviation aircraft delivers Tajik citizens evacuated from Afghanistan to airfield of the Gissar city More than 500 citizens of Russia and other countries were evacuated from Afghanistan by military transport aircraft of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
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