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02.08.2021 (09:32) Crews of the newest Su-34 formations of the 4th air force and air defence army performed refueling in the air over the Rostov region In total, more than 30 crews of operational and tactical aircraft of the Southern Military District were involved in the tactical flight exercise.
20.07.2021 (12:00) In Astrakhan region, crews of Pantsir-S air defence missile system of the Western Military District destroy ground and air targets during exercise The training task to ensure airspace control in the area of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system was fully completed.
02.07.2021 (11:00) Pilots of military transport aviation performed night flights on Il-76 aircraft The crews worked out take-off and landing at night, flying along a given route, interacting with the flight management group, as well as simulating a practical landing with the opening of the ramp and side doors.
29.06.2021 (16:10) CMD aviation will take part in eight international exercises by the end of the year The crown of the training of units and formations of the air force and air defence army of the Central Military District will be their participation in the strategic command and staff exercise Zapad-2021 and the subsequent passing of the control check for the 2021 training year.
29.06.2021 (14:15) In the Volga region, the crews of the Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers worked out flights in formation at short distances During the flight task, special attention was paid to the improvement of piloting techniques with elements of air navigation by the flight crew.
21.06.2021 (13:30) A planned tactical flight exercise with a naval aviation helicopter regiment has begun in the Baltic Fleet More than 20 crews of Mi-24 and Mi-8 attack and military transport helicopters, as well as Ka-27 and Ka-27PS ship-borne helicopters of the mixed helicopter regiment of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation unit were involved in the exercise.
18.06.2021 (17:45) An exercise which involved more than 20 helicopters of the Central Military District took place near Orenburg According to the plan of practical actions, the Mi-8 crews under the cover of the Mi-24 carried out the landing of a mobile echelon to capture an important object of the mock enemy.
18.06.2021 (13:45) Young pilots of the Southern Military District performed flights on front-line Su-24M bombers in the sky of the Volgograd region In July, the Su-24M crews will take part in tactical flight exercises, where they will work out tasks to destroy ground targets of a mock enemy and maneuvers to evade fighter aircraft.
18.06.2021 (06:00) Pilots of long-range aviation of the VKS conducted command flights in the Saratov region The flights took place by day and at night. The flight crews practiced takeoffs and landings, refueling in the air, flying in formation and at low altitudes.
08.06.2021 (09:00) In the Amur Region, the crews of Tu-95ms complete flights in adverse weather conditions Flight training was carried out with the aim of teaching young flight personnel the skills of controlling strategic missile carriers in poor visibility conditions.
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