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22.04.2021 (00:30) The Far Eastern regiment of strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS performed scheduled flights Special attention is paid to group flights in formation at night.
20.04.2021 (18:15) Two Tu-160 strategic missile carriers of the long-range aviation perform planned flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea All flights of the Russian Aerospace Force are carried out in strict accordance with the International airspace management system.
07.04.2021 (05:00) The crews of the S-300 air defence system with electronic launches destroyed high-altitude targets in the Transbaikal territory The anti-aircraft gunners fulfilled the standards for the deployment of the S-300 air defence system, search, detection, classification, and tracking of air targets.
06.04.2021 (19:10) The competition of the crews of the army and operational-tactical aviation of the Southern Military District Aviadarts-2021 is being held in Kuban When performing flight missions, military personnel launch unguided missiles, drop aerial bombs, and fire from a 30-mm aircraft gun at ground targets that imitate military equipment and manpower of a mock enemy.
06.04.2021 (10:28) In Primorye, the crews of the air regiment of the air defence and air force practice tactical schemes for conducting air combat against mock enemy aircraft Particular attention was paid to piloting aircraft using offensive and defensive maneuvers at different ranges of altitudes and speeds.
31.03.2021 (17:45) CMD's Su-34 crews to launch air-to-surface missiles during an exercise in the Arctic zone In addition, the pilots will perform combat training missions for patrolling the Arctic zone in pairs, air navigation, as well as maneuvering over a water surface.
31.03.2021 (13:30) Su-25SM assault aircraft of the Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan flew to the South Urals to participate in the Aviadarts 2021 competition During preparation for the competition, the crews will practice group flight, overcoming the air defence system using electronic warfare equipment, and also launch unguided missiles and bombing targets.
29.03.2021 (19:30) Two strategic missile carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed a planned flight in airspace over neutral waters Long-range aviation pilots regularly fly over the neutral waters of the Arctic, the North Atlantic, the Black and Baltic Seas, and the Pacific Ocean.
25.03.2021 (13:00) The best crews of army aviation were determined according to the results of the second stage of the competition Aviadarts-2021 in the Leningrad formation of the air force and air defence The participants of the army stage of the competition are the flight crews of the Ka-52, Mi-28 and Mi-24 reconnaissance and attack helicopters, as well as the multi-purpose Mi-8, which showed the best results in the qualifying stage on the basis of the military units of the formation.
23.03.2021 (07:30) Assault aviation of the EMD performed flight and tactical tasks in the Transbaikal territory The pilots of the Su-25sm at a specialized training ground in Transbaikal territory carried out bombing on group ground targets mimic the units of the mock enemy.
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