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13.03.2015 (15:01) The Southern MD started selection of the aircrews for participation in the Aviadarts contest According to the flight combat skills 20 best crews of operational-tactic, transport and army aviation will be selected for participation in the Aviadarts contest.
13.03.2015 (12:01) Airmen of the Russian air base in Armenia hone their skills of advanced flying Pilots will perform such elements of advanced flying as steep dive, Immelman turn, hook turn, zoom, barrel roll, Nesterov’s loop, split-S, semi-loop, stalled turn.
12.03.2015 (18:13) Russian-Serbian joint tactical flight exercise to be held in September Crews of operational-tactical and army aviation of Russia and Serbia will take part in the exercise.
11.03.2015 (16:05) Flight capabilities of the newest Russian aircraft and helicopters to be shown at the international forum “Army-2015” Demonstration flights will be carried out by the crews of Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-34, Yak-130 aircraft, Ka-52 and Mi-28N helicopters.
11.03.2015 (14:50) The Southern MD aviation crews perform aerobatic elements Flights in pairs will be performed at the altitude of 25 meters. The flights will be performed by experienced first- and second-class pilots.
06.03.2015 (10:02) Central MD pilots performed interception and destroying of air assault weapons of imaginary enemy over the Barents Sea Over 40 Central MD crews of MiG-31 interceptor aircraft and Su-24 tactical bombers have participated in the flight exercise.
05.03.2015 (15:35) Crews of Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers performed flights under the leadership of the Commander of the Air Force The most difficult elements such as takeoff and landing at low clouds, refueling in difficult weather conditions and usage of air-to-ground armament were carried out during the flights.
05.03.2015 (12:13) Cadets of the Chelyabinsk Higher Military Aviation School for Navigators getting prepared to perform their first training bombing tasks It will take place at the range of Safakulevo in the Kurgan Region. The bombing will be performed at land targets with the use of 50-kg air bombs.
03.03.2015 (15:30) Russian Knights to take part in the commemorative campaign “Watch of Heroes” near Kaluga The pilots will fly 6 aircraft and show such aerobatic elements as “Nesterov’s loop”, “French connection”, “Break up” and others in pairs, during sole flights and within an element of 4 crews.
02.03.2015 (11:03) More than 150 Air Force crews will take part in the Aviadarts-2015 contest preliminaries Within the contest pilots are to operate in pairs, pierce imaginary enemy air defence and to use air munitions.
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