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27.02.2015 (11:06) Russian Air Force to conduct three all-Russian contests Military contests “Aviadarts” for flight crews, “Keys to the sky” for crews of Air Defence Troops and a contest of radio-technical troops will be held at the end of June, 2015.
26.02.2015 (12:39) Airmen of the Central MD to have exercises over the Barents Sea In the near time two MiG-31 elements will perform continuous flight from the Sokol airbase to the Monchegorsk airfield where they will practice interception of imaginary enemy missiles and aircraft.
26.02.2015 (08:04) Flight crews of the antisubmarine aviation have carried out training air strikes The crew under the command of major Vasily Chernyshov was the best at the air bombing of the radar installations of imaginary enemy at the Lumbovsky firing range located at the sea coast of the White Sea.
19.02.2015 (20:02) Tactical exercise of the Southern MD Su-24 fighter-bomber squadrons has come to an end In the course of the training missions the crews performed more than 20 flights and spent about 40 air bombs of different types.
18.02.2015 (09:20) Aerobatic team “Strizhi” will participate in a large-scale event which takes place in Astrakhan It will be devoted to the contract service in the Armed Forces and will take place on the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day – on the 21st of February.
17.02.2015 (16:35) The famous “Strizhi” and “Russian Knights” aerobatic teams will have 20 performances all over the world in 2015 The teams will take part in Aviadarts-2015, MAKS-2015 and Lima-2015.
16.02.2015 (11:50) Caspian flotilla assault marines units have held joint exercise with the transport aviation of the Southern MD Marines practiced small arms firing at land targets and have performed landing operation from transport compartments of Mi-8 helicopters.
15.02.2015 (07:30) The Central MD search-and-rescue detachment will practice evacuation of the suddenly landed spacecraft and its personnel. About 200 servicemen, off-road vehicles, An-12 and An-26 aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters are involved in the training.
10.02.2015 (18:41) In the course of the exercise pilots of the Chkalovskaya air base will conduct long-range flights Crews of Tu-154, Tu-134, Il-62, Il-18, An-12, An-72, Il-76 and Mi-8 will conduct flights to airdromes located in Engels, Tambov, Irkutsk, Perm, Klin, Ivanovo and Orenburg.
10.02.2015 (13:07) Open Day in the Krasnodar Military Educational Scientific Center of the Air Force (MESC AF) Visitors will learn how the Su-35S, Su-34, Su-30SM, MiG-35, MiG-29SMT crews are trained and will also examine barracks, mess and other facilities of the educational establishment.
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