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Aerospace Forces

New branch of the Russian Armed Forces — Aerospace Forces — started performing assigned tasks on August 1, 2015. The Aerospace Forces perform a wide range of tasks:

  • repelling of aerospace threats and protecting posts of state management and military control, groupings of troops (forces), administrative and political centers, industrial and economical region, most important economics and infrastructure facilities of the country from aerospace strikes of the enemy;
  • engaging facilities and troops of the enemy as with common as with nuclear means of destruction;
  • aviation support of troops from other services and branches;
  • engaging ballistic missile warheads of the potential enemy attacking important state facilities;
  • providing the highest command and control bodies with reliable information concerning ballistic missile launches and warning about missile attack;
  • space facility observing and detecting threats against Russia happening as in as from space, meeting such threats;
  • launching spacecraft, controlling military and dual-purpose satellite systems during the flight and operating one of them in order to provide the troops with necessary information.  
  • proper maintenance service of the military and dual-purpose satellite systems, launching and controlling complexes, and other tasks. 



Aerospace Forces
High Command of the Aerospace Forces
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