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05.02.2015 (17:14) Army aviation crews and AA defence crews of the Eastern MD have participated in the joint training activities in Primorsky Krai During flight trainings Ka-52 “Alligator” and Mi-8AMTSh “Terminator” crews have practiced various evasive maneuvering from the “Pantsir” AA system imitating air defence of imaginary enemy.
05.02.2015 (07:00) Flight crews of Su-34 aircraft are preparing for tactical air exercises in the Southern MD Multirole fighter bomber Su-34 is a 4+ generation aircraft. It can conduct effective attacks of the surface, sea and aerial targets day and night in all weather conditions and geographical areas.
03.02.2015 (16:53) More than 50 Central MD airbases’ crews practiced day and night in-flight refueling Mig-31BM and Su-24M aircraft followed the aerial refuelling tankers Il-78 at the distance of ten meters at the speed of 550-600 kilometers per hour. The tanker was refueling both aircraft simultaneously giving them more than 4 tons of fuel per minute.
03.02.2015 (11:09) Crews of the military transport aviation have received clearance for bombing During the training exercises pilots of the military transport aviation have performed more than 8 flight shifts at different times of day having dropped at least 30 air bombs up to 500 kg with the total in-flight time of 100 hours.
02.02.2015 (19:00) Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force has inspected the infrastructure construction of a new air firing range Colonel General Viktor Bondarev has inspected the preparations of the infrastructure of a new air firing range Dubrovichi in Ryazan Region for the “Aviadarts – 2015” aviation contest.
31.01.2015 (06:15) The Central MD helicopter crews conducted rocket strike against the imaginary enemy armored vehicle column Rocket attack was conducted against the targets from the altitude of 100 meters at the distance from 1.5 to 3 kilometers.
30.01.2015 (23:00) The Air Force kettlebell lifting Championship came to an end. Two international masters of sport, six masters of sport and nine candidate masters of sport entered the competition.
29.01.2015 (15:00) The Southern Military District aviation rescue servicemen will take part in the training held in the Rostov region During the training each expert will conduct about 30 parachute jumps using modern systems "Arbalet-1", "Malva-24" and "D1-5U".
29.01.2015 (03:01) The long-range aviation crews successfully performed the aerial guard duty tasks The track was laid through the neutral waters of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
28.01.2015 (10:03) Transport aviation crews will take part in bombardment exercise Task: performing deep assault landing in unfamiliar territory, bombardment with the use of candle bombs, combat bombs and beacon bombs.
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