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The famous “Strizhi” and “Russian Knights” aerobatic teams will have 20 performances all over the world in 2015

Crews of the “Strizhi” and “Russian Knights” aerobatic teams had their first in 2015 performance at the Kubinka airfield.

The aerobatic teams will have 20 performances in Russia and all over the world in 2015.

In particular crews are considered to take part in such international events as Aviadarts-2015 International contest, MAKS-2015, Lima-2015 in Malaysia, etc.

In the course of first training pilots performed echelon, diamond, arrow, tulip formations and loop-the-loop, double turning pullup, “Cuban Brilliant” and so on.

Team leaders performed such acrobatic maneuvers as Bell, Barrel-roll, inverted flight, loop-the-loop, etc.

In total 9 crews were involved in the flights.

Maneuvers were performed at the altitudes of 200 to 1600 meters.

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