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The best crews of army aviation were determined according to the results of the second stage of the competition Aviadarts-2021 in the Leningrad formation of the air force and air defence

Within the framework of the international competition the Games-2021, the next stage of the competition for air training of aviation crews of the Leningrad army of the air force and air defence of the Western Military District Aviadarts-2021 has ended in St. Petersburg.

The participants of the army stage of the competition are flight crews of Ka-52, Mi-28 and Mi-24 reconnaissance and attack helicopters, as well as multi-purpose Mi-8, which showed the best results in the qualifying stage on the basis of aviation  military units of the formation stationed in the Leningrad, Pskov and Smolensk regions.

As part of the competition, the pilots performed a flight along the route, conducting visual aerial reconnaissance, as well as practicing piloting techniques. At the final stage, the pilots demonstrated their professional skills in the course of combat use against ground targets using unguided aircraft missiles and automatic aircraft guns.

The crews of the army aviation of the Leningrad air force and air defense formation, who scored the most points at the end of the qualifying stage, will compete at the all-Russian stage of the competition.

Press Service of the Western Military District
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