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15.09.2021 (07:00) More than 400 paratroopers from Russia and Belarus as part of the operational and tactical landing stopped the enemy's offensive at the Brestsky training ground The servicemen destroyed the mock enemy and, holding favorable lines, ensured the successful actions of the main group of troops (forces).
15.09.2021 (06:00) In the Kaliningrad region, during the JSE Zapad-2021, a tactical air landing was carried out The servicemen of the Airborne Troops worked out actions to block and destroy the advanced detachments of the mock enemy.
14.09.2021 (19:00) At the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground, military attaches of foreign states demonstrated joint actions of units of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus The practical drawing of the actions of the troops took place within the framework of the joint strategic exercise of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus Zapad-2021.
14.09.2021 (18:00) More than 400 paratroopers from Russia and Belarus stopped the offensive of the mock enemy at the Brest training ground The actions of the tactical airborne troops blocked three bridges over the water barrier, which did not allow the mock enemy to interfere with the actions of our troops and ensured the deployment of motorized rifle units in the interests of using the main grouping of our troops.
12.09.2021 (18:30) At the airfields of the Military transport aviation, crews were trained for the landing of airborne units and equipment The pilots studied the area of flights, landing, routes of aircraft movement and the procedure for acting in various emergency situations.
11.09.2021 (07:10) Ulyanovsk paratroopers during the JSE Zapad-2021 use a new light special vehicle Sarmat-2 During the joint strategic exercises of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus Zapad-2021 on the ground Mulino the Ulyanovsk guards separate air assault formation as light vehicles for fire support uses long-term patterns of light special transport means Sarmat-2, which recently entered service of the formation.
10.09.2021 (19:45) About 4 thousand servicemen and more than 1 thousand units of weapons, military and special equipment of the airborne troops will be involved in the JSE Zapad-2021 In accordance with the plan of the exercise, the use of airborne units as part of two formations is planned in the Western strategic direction.
10.09.2021 (04:00) For the first time, the Airborne troops will land a full-fledged parachute battalion on modern BMD-4M during the JSE Zapad-2021 During the active stage of the joint strategic exercise of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus Zapad-2021, the Airborne troops will for the first time land a full parachute battalion on modern fourth-generation BMD-4M airborne assault vehicles.
09.09.2021 (16:30) In Belarus, Russian paratroopers-participants of the JSE Zapad-2021 conducted a reconnaissance of the Brestsky and Obuz-Lesnovsky training grounds The command of the Pskov guards airborne assault unit of the Airborne Troops inspected the objects of the training grounds, the sites for the upcoming joint landing of the operational and tactical landing.
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