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07.12.2021 (16:30) Tula paratroopers worked out the actions of antiterror teams in case of crises Paratroopers trained the coordination with mine clearance units in case of EDs danger at the territory of the formation in framework of the exercise.
23.11.2021 (18:15) The medical staff of the airborne troops provides assistance to medical institutions of the Tula region in the fight against a new coronavirus infection The anticovid hospital for the civilian population of the region, operating on the basis of the Tula regional hospital, is designed for 100 beds.
17.11.2021 (16:00) Novorossiysk paratroopers worked out loading of personnel and equipment into military transport planes at the Krymsk airfield The training was held as part of a training and methodological gathering with the leadership of the airborne service of formations and military units of the airborne troops, military districts, as well as educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, training officers for the airborne troops.
08.11.2021 (22:25) Military medics of the Tula airborne unit began work in the covid hospital, organized on the basis of the Tula regional hospital Currently, there is not a single free bed in the medical institution, and there is an acute shortage of qualified medical staff with experience in combating a new coronavirus infection.
29.10.2021 (03:00) 5th Defenders of Friendship 2021 joint exercise of Russian and Egyptian paratroopers ends near Cairo The closing ceremony was held at the base of the airborne troops of the Arab Republic of Egypt near Inshas city, 60 km east of the Egyptian capital.
28.10.2021 (00:05) Russian and Egyptian paratroopers conduct active phase of Defenders of Friendship 2021 exercise The active phase of the exercise was attended by about 200 servicemen of the two countries, who landed on guided parachute systems for special purposes such as "wing" and D-10 in the Egyptian desert from heights of 600 to 3.5 thousand meters.
27.10.2021 (18:00) Best sniper group is determined in a separate guards special purpose unit of Airborne Troops The main goal of the competition is to consolidate and improve the level of professional training of snipers.
27.10.2021 (17:00) Training on loading military equipment into military transport aircraft was held with officers of Ivanovo Airborne Formation During the training, the officers of the formation were also shown the pre-flight preparation of the dropped objects inside the aircraft.
27.10.2021 (08:45) Commander of the Airborne Troops, Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov arrived in Cairo, where he will assess the coordination of actions of the Russian and Egyptian paratroopers during the final stage of the joint tactical exercise Defenders of Friendship 20 For the leadership, on the eve of the active phase of the joint exercise, a unified control system was created on the basis of standard wearable, mobile, satellite and mobile signal equipment of the interacting troops.
27.10.2021 (01:00) Units of a separate Guards Airborne Formation from Ulan-Ude pass exercise in shooting training In total, 250 troops were engaged in the drills.
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