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07.09.2021 (05:30) Joint exercises of the Airborne troops units of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus have begun in the Ivanovo airborne unit During the joint exercise, the actions of the combined unit in the performance of special and counter-terrorism tasks will be worked out.
03.09.2021 (15:00) International military cooperation is being established at the International Army Games Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov stated this at the closing ceremony of the Airborne Platoon and Tactical Shooter contests.
03.09.2021 (14:15) Russian snipers took second place in Sniper Frontier competition in Republic of Belarus The first place was taken by Belarusian servicemen; third - representatives from China.
02.09.2021 (03:00) Russian team leads the overall standings at Elbrus Ring competition in Kabardino-Balkaria Mountain unit of Russia is confidently leading in the overall standings of the international competition.
02.09.2021 (02:00) The national team of the Russian Federation became the winner of Tactical Shooter competition In total, 17 national teams took part in the competition, which demonstrated their skills in fighting in various conditions, and also completed fire missions both individually and as part of a group.
31.08.2021 (21:30) Opening ceremony of Sniper Frontier and Emergency Area contests was held in Vietnam Colonel-General Nguyen Tan Kyong, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minister of Defence of the Vietnamese People's Army, gave a start to this competition.
31.08.2021 (20:45) At the Brest training ground, referees of Sniper Frontier international competition summed up the results of the second stage of the competition Of the eleven teams taking part in the competition, according to the results of the second stage, Russian snipers take third place, behind the teams of Belarus and China.
31.08.2021 (20:15) Russian special forces became champions in army hand-to-hand combat at Polar Star international competition The best fighters from the special forces of Belarus, India and Morocco became the rivals of the representatives of the Russian Armed Forces.
31.08.2021 (20:00) Foreign scouts overcome mined fields in Siberia The final exercise for the participants will be overcoming the water obstacle in armored infantry vehicles (IFV) and the exit of the reconnaissance group to the assembly area after completing the task.
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