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17.06.2015 (10:01) Two formations of the Airborne Troops are alerted in the framework of the two-side exercise The exercise involves more than 2,000 servicemen and about 250 pieces of military equipment of the Ulan-Ude and Ivanovo air assault formations.
16.06.2015 (18:30) The Airborne and representatives of the R&D institute of parachute design discussed the improvement of parachuting effectiveness of large loads Particular attention has been focused on parachute jumping with oxygen equipment from the altitudes of more than 4 000 metres and the use of forward-looking digital automatic activation devices.
16.06.2015 (14:49) Russian Airborne to demonstrate their scientific work results at the Forum “Army-2015” Visitors will get acquainted with potential of innovative research, development and technologies, which are being or supposed to be adopted in the Russian Airborne.
16.06.2015 (14:45) Combat capabilities of the modern artillery and missile armament of the Land Forces and the Airborne Troops to be demonstrated at the “Army-2015” forum Radar complex 2L261 Zoopark-1M and radar reconnaissance system of firing mortars and moving targets 2L271 Aistenok will be involved.
16.06.2015 (10:58) Paratroopers to open the Forum “Army-2015” by heavy charges of self-propelled Spruts and performing tactical assault The Airborne Special Task Force will use modern samples of armament and special equipment.
09.06.2015 (11:55) Patriotic event “Russian Airborne: no indifference towards orphans” to take place according to the Airborne Comander The first event is taking place today in Ulyanovsk. Servicemen of the 31st Separate Guard Airborne brigade are visiting the “Solovinaya Rosha” orphanage.
05.06.2015 (16:22) Paratroopers of Russia and Belarus mastering Arbalet-2 parachute systems Servicemen perform more than 250 jumps from Mi-8 helicopters under strict control of experienced instructors.
04.06.2015 (16:30) Russian Airborne and Special Task Force of the National Guard Kirgizia counter simulated terrorists in the mountains of Tien Shan Joint two-side exercise of the Russian Airborne units and Special Task Force Brigade of the National Guard of Kirgizia will finish on June 5.
02.06.2015 (14:42) Driving and firing capabilities of the military vehicles of the Airborne to be shown at the “Army-2015” forum Moreover, the Airborne units will show different landing methods of personnel and military hardware using modern parachute systems.
01.06.2015 (13:46) Russian Airborne to conduct about 1000 combat training events during the summer training period The events include 250 different strategic, international and peacekeeping exercises. The combat training intensity will be raised by more than 20%.
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