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30.03.2015 (09:12) The Airborne Command reconnaissance team is inspecting the condition of drifting ice floes in the Arctic The inspection is being carried out in cooperation with the Expedition Center of the Russian Geographic Society in order to locate possible heavy cargo landing areas.
25.03.2015 (17:06) Pacific Fleet and the Air Force practicing combat interaction In the course of the practice held with the separate air-assault brigade the servicemen for the first time will embark the Pacific Fleet large landing ship and then will land onto the unimproved shore to seize the beachhead.
25.03.2015 (10:00) Artillery skills contest to be held in the Airborne Forces The biggest competitions of the artillery airborne troops will take place in late March at the Luzhsk firing range (Leningrad region) under the supervision of the Airborne Forces Artillery Commander.
20.03.2015 (06:03) Airborne units located in Pskov performed training tasks at night time In the course of night time training combat the Airborne units engaged targets imitating reconnaissance-strike complexes and control post of the imaginary enemy.
19.03.2015 (19:06) The Airborne Special Force Troops roped down from the helicopters in Murmansk region in the course of the Northern Fleet surprise inspection As a result of a carried out special operation the troopers completely blocked the object Severomorsk-3 after having completed the mission that had been assigned by the General Staff performing the inspection of the Northern Fleet, Western MD and Airborne Troops Forces.
19.03.2015 (03:25) Airborne troops from Pskov performed landing in an unfamiliar zone and got into action Over 700 servicemen and 10 combat vehicles were airdropped.
17.03.2015 (11:57) Several Baltic Fleet, Southern MD and Airborne units are set on an alert Strategic command-and-staff training of the Russian Armed Forces started under command of the Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.
17.03.2015 (07:00) Ivanovo airborne units are getting on military transport aircraft The leading elements of the Ivanovo Airborne formation are loading military transport aircraft with combat vehicles and personnel.
17.03.2015 (06:00) Russian Air Force military transport aviation to carry out projection of airborne units The projection will involve over 10 military transport aircraft Il-76 will have to cover over 3 000 km in a day’s time.
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