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13.03.2015 (13:31) Deputy Defence Minister Colonel-General Yuri Vdovenko inspected the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named by General of the Army V. Margelov During the meeting Yuri Vdovenko informed personnel of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School about development of the Russian Armed Forces, State Defence Centre and realization of the State rearmament program.
11.03.2015 (12:03) Preliminary stage of the International Army Games-2015 started at the Airborne troops In the contest course Airborne servicemen are to take about 20 individual and complex challenges.
11.03.2015 (11:20) First delivery of BMD-4 and BTR-MDM armoured vehicles arrived to the Airborne formation of Tula All the vehicles underwent maintenance procedures and were put in storage. After the acceptance they will be ceremoniously handed over to the crews.
01.03.2015 (19:30) Airborne servicemen paid the tribute to the memory of the heroes of the 6th airborne company in Pskov Servicemen and guests paid the tribute to the fallen soldiers laying wreaths to the memorial at the Orletsovsk cemetery.
26.02.2015 (16:07) Massive airborne assault was carried out near Kostroma In the course battalion tactical exercise more than 1 500 servicemen and 5 military vehicles of the airborne units were air dropped in the Kostroma Region.
25.02.2015 (18:46) Force-on-force tactical exercises of the airborne troops formation to be held in the Pskov Region During the exercise 1 500 servicemen and 12 vehicles will be airdropped with the following combat firings at the range of Strugi Krasniye.
19.02.2015 (12:01) Operational readiness test of the airborne formation has been held in the Volgograd region Special attention was attached to the ability of the command and the staff of the formation to maintain the operational readiness and the high level of teamwork within the training missions.
05.02.2015 (12:15) The Egyptian delegation visited Ryazan High Command Airborne School Egyptian officers got acquainted with the military educational establishment infrastructure and visited the Seltsy training center.
05.02.2015 (07:10) The Airborne medical units are equipped with modern mobile field hospitals All Airborne medical units will be equipped with modern mobile field pneumo-framed module hospitals in 2015.
02.02.2015 (00:00) Russian Airborne Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov will hold a meeting with Egyptian Air Force Commander-in-Chief Major-General Hamai Hammad Al-Seid Eino Commanders-in-Chief will discuss condition and prospects for the military cooperation development.
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