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24.04.2021 (05:05) About 40 military echelons will be involved in the transfer of airborne units to permanent deployment points after participating in an interspecific exercise in the Crimea At the railway station in Simferopol, the servicemen of the airborne units of the Novorossiysk airborne formation have already loaded equipment and weapons and are marching to the point of permanent deployment.
12.04.2021 (16:30) The airborne snipers passed the Team Score in framework of Sniper Frontier competition Within three days the best snipers and sniper pairs of the airborne troops competed in the exercises Blocking, Hunt, Live bait, Hold, Cover.
09.04.2021 (18:45) At the Polar Star competition, special-purpose groups of airborne troops performed the Raid exercise About 100 best scouts from four special forces units of the airborne troops, as well as the team of the Russian National guard, take part in the competition.
09.04.2021 (10:15) The snipers of the airborne troops determined the best at the second stage of the Sniper Frontier The Doubles were held in order to determine the best sniper pair at the competition.
05.04.2021 (16:00) Military dog handlers of the Pskov airborne assault unit are preparing to participate in the qualifying stage of the all-army dog handlers training competition True Friend Handlers with their service dogs will have to overcome barriers and ladders, a strip of engineering barriers and trenches.
05.04.2021 (00:15) The best snipers of the Airborne Troops identify the best at the first stage of Sniper Frontier competition among snipers (sniper pairs) On the territory of the Ulyanovsk separate guards airborne assault unit, the opening ceremony of the stage of the airborne troops competition for field training among snipers (sniper pairs) Sniper Frontier, held within the framework of the Army International Games-2021, took place.
02.04.2021 (01:30) Ulyanovsk separate guards airborne assault unit for the first time takes the stage of the airborne troops of the competition Sniper Frontier-2021 The team that won the qualifying stage will represent the winged infantry at the all-army stage of the competition.
01.04.2021 (01:00) During the first day of the all-army stage of the competition Polar Star for field training among special forces units, the special forces of the airborne troops and the National guard hit the manpower and equipment of the mock enemy In total, about 100 best scouts from 4 special purpose units of airborne (assault) formations, a separate special purpose guards unit from Kubinka near Moscow, and a team of National guard take part in the competition.
29.03.2021 (06:00) The flamethrower crew of the Ulyanovsk separate guards airborne formation became the winner of the selection stage of the competition for field training among the flamethrower units White Sun In total, 8 teams representing all the formations of the airborne troops with flamethrower units took part in the final stage of the competition.
28.03.2021 (16:30) The personnel of the reinforced parachute company of the Pskov guards airborne assault unit arrived from the Republic of Belarus to the permanent deployment point The day before, the official closing ceremony of the joint exercise took place at the Osipovichsky training ground in the Mogilev region.
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