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01.04.2021 (01:00)

During the first day of the all-army stage of the competition Polar Star for field training among special forces units, the special forces of the airborne troops and the National guard hit the manpower and equipment of the mock enemy

As part of the first stage of the all-army field training competition Polar Star, held in preparation for the Army International Games-2021, military personnel of special purpose units of the airborne troops and the National guard troops performed individual shooting exercises from standard weapons.

During the event at the Tesnitskoye training ground of the Tula guards airborne unit, the leaders and deputy leaders of the groups, snipers, radio operators, grenade launchers and sappers fired at the accuracy, timing and correctness of the target selection from Makarov pistols (PM), AK-74M assault rifles, PKM and Pecheneg machine guns, RPG-7D hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and SVDS sniper rifles.

The shooting was conducted on multi-colored chest, height, head and waist figures-targets, as well as targets that imitate machine-gun crews and military equipment of the mock enemy. The distance to the targets ranged from 25 to 500 m.

Snipers, according to the conditions of the exercise, had to hit the center of the emerging chest figures at a distance of 300 to 500 m from the prone position from the support. The total ammunition was 20 rounds.

A special feature of the exercise is the firing of a sniper rifle with an optical sight for 20 minutes. Places for performing the exercise were determined by the amount of points scored (hits on the target).

The results of the stage will be announced after summing up its results at a later date.

In total, about 100 best scouts from 4 special purpose units of airborne formations, a separate special purpose guards unit from Kubinka near Moscow, and a team of National guard take part in the competition.

The participants who showed the best results will be included in the national team of the Russian Federation, which will represent our country at the international stage of the competition, which will be held in late August – early September this year at the Brest training ground in the Republic of Belarus.

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