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05.04.2021 (16:00)

Military dog handlers of the Pskov airborne assault unit are preparing to participate in the qualifying stage of the all-army dog handlers training competition True Friend

Dog crews of the Pskov guards airborne assault formation are preparing to participate in the qualifying stage of the all-army Cynological Competition True Friend.

Handlers with their service dogs will have to overcome barriers and ladders, a strip of engineering barriers and trenches, as part of the crew-a moat with water and a wooden boom that imitates an equipped five-meter section of the transition over the obstacle.

The team consists of 10 people — the senior representative of the team, the coach, five participants, of which four military personnel with their service dogs are the main ones, three people of the support group and five service dogs. One dog crew is trained as part of the team along with all the others, but it is a reserve team.

"The most difficult thing is to make a human-dog pairing. You can be an athlete, a master and an excellent shooter, but if your dog does not work and you do not have contact, nothing will work," said Senior Warrant Grigory Semchuk, the coach of the guard team, during the training.

During the competition, dog handlers train in five stages — this is the Dog Biathlon track (individual race), overcome a 300-meter obstacle course with shooting, demonstrate Protective Service with the detention of an intruder, show their accuracy in shooting from an AK-74M assault rifle at the Marksman stage and run the Dog Biathlon relay as part of the team.

The qualifying stage of the all-army competition among teams representing formations and military units of the airborne troops will be held from April 19 to 24 at the Pskov guards airborne assault unit.

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