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09.04.2021 (18:45)

At the Polar Star competition, special-purpose groups of airborne troops performed the Raid exercise

Special purpose groups within the framework of the all-army stage of the competition for field training among special purpose units of the airborne troops Polar Star worked out the exercise Raid.

At the command of the referee, two snipers - team members-were put forward from the starting position, who had to temporarily reach the opening line of fire from the starting position.

Then, having reached the line of opening fire, the sniper group carried out the destruction of targets in its shooting sector, providing the approach of the main group, which carried out the destruction of targets from all types of weapons, and at the command of the leader, the grenade launcher hit an armored target located at a range of 200 meters.

During the advance, the fighters had to overcome impassable areas on muddy ground, a section of terrain in conditions of snow and rain in full layout, using the folds of the terrain for the advance.

After the report on the readiness and defeat of the enemy's armored target, the commander of the special purpose group reported to the arbitrator on the readiness for further actions. After checking the weapons for discharge, the group left the designated line.

In total, about 100 best scouts from four special forces units of the airborne troops, as well as a team of the Russian National guard, take part in the competition.

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