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24.05.2021 (06:00)

In the Yaroslavl region, at the Pesochnoye training ground, as part of the stage of the Airborne troops competition Airborne Platoon, a relay race of military personnel as part of the units of the participating teams was held

At the Pesochnoye training ground in the Yaroslavl region, tests were held for military personnel of the Airborne troops as part of the Airborne Platoon field training competition held as part of the Army International Games-2021.

The stage began with a squad relay, during which the paratroopers overcame the obstacle course with shooting. During the competition task, servicemen from 10 units and formations of the Airborne troops passed a 3-kilometer distance with an obstacle course and firing from various positions on the firing lines from small arms and RPG-7 D grenade launchers.

At the firing line, the servicemen fired 5 shots from a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a Kalashnikov machine gun and one shot from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher (RPG-7D) from each position. For misses on targets, the team was added a penalty time. The team also received a penalty time for violating the conditions for overcoming the obstacle course.

The result of each airborne platoon representing its military units was made up of the total time of each squad for completing the distance and the added penalty time.

The first place in the relay was taken by the owners of the route, the guards of the Ivanovo airborne unit. The second place was won by paratroopers from Tula, and the third place was taken by servicemen from the Ulan-Ude airborne assault unit. 

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