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27.09.2021 (17:30)

Large-scale exercises of airborne troops have started in Crimea

Large-scale exercises of the airborne troops, which involve about two thousand servicemen and more than 100 units of military equipment, have begun in the Crimea.

Tactical exercises with live firing are conducted with the guards airborne assault and artillery regiments of the Novorossiysk guards airborne mountain formation.

The maneuvers take place at the Opuk training ground in the eastern part of the peninsula. They began with a march of the airborne assault and artillery regiments of the Novorossiysk formation on the BMD-4M landing combat vehicles and BTR-MDM Rakushka armored personnel carriers to the place of performance of tasks.

During the exercises, the servicemen will work out the organization of defence in the daytime and at night, as well as the offensive with the support of T-72B3 tanks, 2S9 Nona-S self-propelled artillery guns and 122-mm D-30 howitzers.

During the maneuvers, the paratroopers will use various types of small arms, including Pecheneg and Kord machine guns, grenade launchers, RPO-A Shmel flamethrowers and sniper weapons.

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