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01.10.2021 (12:30)

As part of a tactical exercise with the air defence units of the Ussuri airborne unit, anti-aircraft gunners learned to repel an air attack

At the Sergeyevsky training ground in Primorsky territory, as part of tactical exercises with air defence units the Ussuri separate airborne assault unit of the airborne troops successfully repelled the attack of the conventional enemy's air attack means from the portable air defence missile systems (MANPADS) Verba.

At the signal of the head of the exercise, the anti-aircraft missile units of the formation made a march on standard equipment (BTR-ZD) to a given area. Having deployed in combat order, the units went to the firing line and carried out preparations for firing.

During the combat firing stage, the anti-aircraft gunners from Ussuriysk worked out introductory instructions for detecting, identifying, tracking and destroying air attack vehicles simulating unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters of a mock enemy. The shooting was conducted at maximum ranges and altitudes, according to the results of which all air targets were hit.

Up to 8 air targets were launched into the air at the same time, their number and launch time were not reported to the crews in advance.

During the exercise, more than 10 different tasks were worked out. 9 conditional air targets were detected, tracked and destroyed.

The Verba MANPADS is equipped with a new tri-band optical seeker and is capable of engaging targets flying at a speed of up to 500 m/s, at a range of up to 6 km and an altitude of up to 4 km. The mass of the missile warhead is about 2.5 kg.

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Air Defence , Воздушно-десантная подготовка , Воздушно-десантные войска (ВДВ)
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