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20.10.2021 (01:00)

As part of Defenders of Friendship 2021 tactical exercise, Russian and Egyptian paratroopers conducted the first joint airborne training exercise

Russian and Egyptian paratroopers, as part of the first stage of Defenders of Friendship 2021 joint tactical exercise, practiced a parachute-free landing in difficult conditions on unprepared landing sites in a forest and on the roof of an object seized by illegal armed formations (IAF).

In addition, during the first joint training, the paratroopers from the two countries worked out their skills of working at the climbing wall, speed descents from the roof of knowledge on the ropes.

At the second stage of training, the paratroopers had to practice parachute-free airborne assault from a model of the Mi-8 helicopter along cables with firing using blank ammunition.

Before the start of the training, the command of the exercise and the military personnel-participants got acquainted with the equipment and small arms, parachute systems of the units that will be used during tactical training of the formed Russian-Egyptian unit.

Also, at the military base of the parachute troops, in the village of Inshas, the personnel of the consolidated unit worked out the assault on the building captured by the illegal armed groups, where they showed confident and professional joint actions.

Summing up the results of the first joint exercise, the commander of the paratrooper unit of the Egyptian armed forces, Brigadier General Mohammed Sufi, noted the coherence of the work of the Russian and Egyptian military personnel in training: “Today you have demonstrated coherence in the implementation of a practical task and confident skills in the course of joint actions. The training showed a high level of training of the servicemen."

In total, from the Airborne Troops of Russia and the paratroopers of the armed forces of the Arab Republic of Egypt, a consolidated unit with a total strength of more than 500 servicemen is involved in the exercise. as well as the Il-76md aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the C-130 Hercules and the Chinook heavy military transport helicopters of the Egyptian Air Force.

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