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20.10.2020 (09:45) The reconnaissance unit of the Southern Military District received modern armored vehicles Tiger-M The vehicle is equipped with bullet-resistant tires with anti-explosion inserts that deflect the blast wave, integrated ceramic armor, mine protection, special glazing and five video cameras for all-round vision.
16.10.2020 (14:15) Russian and Belarusian peacekeepers eliminated the consequences of the "explosion" of an ammonia tank at the "Unbreakable brotherhood-2020" exercise The final stage of the exercise was held at the Losvido training ground in the Vitebsk region.
16.10.2020 (10:00) Military personnel of the Southern Military District and the Ministry of Defence of Abkhazia conducted a joint tactical exercise in the mountains and on the sea coast At the Tsabal and Nagvalou ranges, motorized skirmishers, scouts, gunners, tankers and anti-aircraft gunners of the Russian military base conducted combined-arms battles in the offensive and defense, and performed tactical maneuvers in mountainous and wooded areas.
13.10.2020 (14:15) A joint exercise with tank and electronic warfare units of the Central Military District has ended in Siberia During the event, the military personnel worked out the destruction of attack unmanned aerial vehicles of a mock enemy.
13.10.2020 (10:15) Air defense units of the Southern Military District repulsed the attack of a mock enemy from the air near Volgograd During the training, air defense systems were controlled from the joint command post using a modern set of the "Barnaul-T" automated control system.
09.10.2020 (14:58) In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the WMD artillerymen destroyed a mock enemy with heavy fire from "Msta-S" self-propelled howitzers During the tactical and special exercises at the Mulino range, the gunners completed more than 20 fire tasks for single and group targets.
07.10.2020 (17:19) The two-way tactical and special exercise of the guards tank army of the WMD was completed in the Nizhny Novgorod region In total, more than 3.5 military personnel took part in the two-way tactical and special exercises, and over 700 units of weapons, military and special equipment of the tank formation of the Western Military District were involved.
06.10.2020 (17:23) The crew of the ADMGC "Pantsir-S" of CMD won the third stage of the competition "Keys to the sky-2020" In total, six combat crews of anti-aircraft missile and artillery divisions took part in the competition. The competition was held in the Astrakhan region at the Ashuluk training ground.
06.10.2020 (13:15) Military personnel of the anti-aircraft missile unit of the Black Sea Fleet returned to the PDP after participating in the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" During the exercise at the Kapustin Yar training ground, more than 20 pieces of equipment, including eight "Osa" anti-aircraft missile systems and about 50 soldiers of the regiment practiced practical actions with missile strikes.
06.10.2020 (12:50) Air defense specialists of the army corps of the Baltic Fleet repelled an air strike of a mock enemy During the exercise at the Kapustin Yar training ground in the Astrakhan region, military personnel worked out the destruction of mock enemy aircraft with the "Strela-10" anti-aircraft missile system and the "Tunguska" anti-aircraft missile and gun system.
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