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24.11.2021 (12:15) Russian sappers arrived in the area of tasks in Laos Russian sappers will have to perform mine clearance tasks both in the jungle and in settlements where unexploded ordnance from half a century ago still threatens local residents.
23.11.2021 (13:00) The delegation of the Russian Defence Ministry arrived on a working trip to Sri-Lanka The purpose of the visit is to exchange experience in the field of engineering, familiarize with the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of Sri-Lanka and discuss prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of engineering troops.
22.11.2021 (17:00) Army tactical shooting championship among military personnel of schools and military units of Land Forces started in Moscow region Contestants will compete in solving fire missions in various combat conditions at specially prepared shooting ranges.
22.11.2021 (11:30) Crews of attack helicopters of the Southern Military District at night practice fire support for the assault detachments of special forces In addition, the pilots passed the standards for the detection and recognition of various moving and stationary ground targets, helicopters and low-flying low-speed aircraft.
19.11.2021 (14:45) In 2021, the artillerymen of the Central Military District took part in more than 200 live-fire drills In the current year, over 26 thousand rounds were used up, over three thousand individual fire missions and almost two thousand fire missions were carried out.
11.11.2021 (23:15) Russian sappers arrived inLaos for humanitarian demining of the country's territory Russian sappers will have to perform tasks to search for and neutralize explosive objects in the central part of Laos.
10.11.2021 (20:30) A squad of the International Mine Clearance Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation sent to Laos for humanitarian demining of the country's territory It is planned to deploy a branch of the International Mine Action Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of this country.
29.10.2021 (16:15) Artillerymen of Central MD in Kemerovo Region learn to destroy enemy armored vehicles During the events, issues of interaction in the organization and management of fire of artillery units, conducting reconnaissance and destroying unmanned aerial vehicles were also practiced.
29.10.2021 (15:00) In the Moscow region, the military personnel of the reconnaissance units of the Kantemirovskaya tank division overcame Scout's Path Testing with such a strip allows you to check not only the physical form of military personnel, but also the moral and psychological conditition.
28.10.2021 (15:30) Mikhailovskaya Military Artillery School visited by a military delegation from Sri Lanka The guests got acquainted with a joint complex of training facilities for the Iskander operational-tactical missile system, a complex for preparing crews for self-propelled artillery guns 2S3, 2S19, and a Tornado-G complex.
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