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25.01.2022 (16:57) Servicemen from the Republic of Belarus have completed training at the IMAC of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Belarusian servicemen in the number of 27 people were trained in humanitarian demining and countering improvised explosive devices.
25.01.2022 (05:15) Russian sappers in Laos cleared more than 12 hectares of territory from unexploded shells and mines Currently, mine clearance continues on the territory of the village school, as well as on the site in the jungle, where it is planned to build social facilities for the local population in the future.
24.01.2022 (20:15) Military specialists from Djibouti will be trained at the IMAC of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the use of the robotic mine clearance complex Uran-6 The training course for African servicemen will last until April 10 and will end with a final exam with the acceptance of credits and the issuance of a certificate of completion of the established sample.
13.01.2022 (11:30) Scouts of the motorized rifle unit of the Southern Military District performed live firing from AK-12 assault rifles near Volgograd The exercise with tactical shooting took place in difficult weather conditions.
11.01.2022 (18:30) In 2022 , the Main Command of the Land Forces will organize seven competitions of the Army International Games The selection of military personnel for the competitions Tank biathlon, Suvorov Attack, Clear Sky, Masters of Artillery fire, Sniper Frontier, Army Scout Masters and Equestrian Marathon has already started in military units and formations.
09.01.2022 (11:00) Russian military engineers will train local sappers in Laos Specialists of the IMAC of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will prepare 30 Lao sappers who will undergo theoretical and practical training using Russian means of searching and protecting a sapper.
03.01.2022 (11:00) More than 400 units of armored vehicles will enter the units of the Russian Land Forces in 2022 As part of the execution of the state defence order, the enterprises of the military-industrial complex will transfer modern and modernized models of armored vehicles to the Russian Ministry of Defence.
01.01.2022 (11:00) Land Forces plan 10 joint international exercises in 2022 Outside the Russian Federation, 6 joint exercises will be held.
31.12.2021 (11:00) Engineering troops receive more than 500 units of modern engineering equipment in 2021 Also, more than 25 thousand sets of engineering equipment and various engineering ammunition were supplied.
30.12.2021 (11:07) Land Forces' General Command organizes 7 competitions of International Army Games 2022 This year, about 300 crews have been trained at the course.
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