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Land Forces
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25.02.2015 (07:30) Eastern MD formations and units located in Buryatia have started artillery field trainings A large-scale artillery field training of the formation of mixed arms located in Buryatia takes place at the “Burduny” firing range.
20.02.2015 (15:49) Reconnaissance men of the Eastern MD are learning to survive in the Ussuri taiga At the Sergeevsky firing range (Primorye) the Eastern MD reconnaissance units are having field training. About 500 servicemen are involved.
20.02.2015 (12:05) The Central MD search-and-rescue detachment trained to evacuate the crew of the Soyuz-TMA spaceship It took twenty minutes to search and evacuate the imaginary crew.
19.02.2015 (09:08) Eastern MD reconnaissance units located in Buryatia have started field trainings Within the training missions the servicemen will have to carry out firings, special and PE trainings and practice combat vehicle driving.
18.02.2015 (11:44) «Masters of artillery” contest to take place within the International Army Games - 2015 Contest will take place at the Shiroky Karamysh (Saratov region) training ground in August headed by the Land Forces Commander-in-Chief. Foreign Armed Forces will take part in the contest.
16.02.2015 (13:01) Commander-in-Chief of the Land Force set off for a working trip to India Training of the Indian specialists in the Russian military educational establishments, sharing experience and participating in the International Army Games-2015 contest are the main topics of the talks.
11.02.2015 (15:13) Russian task force held NVC defence competitions in the Transnistria The contest was devoted to the 153th anniversary of the eminent Russian organic chemist Nikolay Zelinsky. About 500 servicemen participated in the competition.
11.02.2015 (09:20) The Soutern MD mechanised infantry becomes familiar with a new EW system The EW units of the Southern MD motorized infantry brigade located in Volgograd have received an advanced EW system “Borisoglebsk-2”.
10.02.2015 (09:15) The “Iskander-M” crews of the Eastern MD have started training practice The training activities will culminate with the tactical exercise at one of the firing ranges in the Amur River Region including operational missile launch.
05.02.2015 (13:20) Officers of the Russian military base have started training apprentices for the army of Tajikistan Today the theory classes have come to an end and tomorrow drivers and pointers of tanks and infantry combat vehicles will start practicing their vehicle operating skills.
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