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28.01.2015 (11:25) In the Air Defence training center in Krasnodar Krai will be trained about 800 specialists Within three and a half months the military personnel will trained to operate as a part combat duty crews of modern antiaircraft missile systems and complexes.
28.01.2015 (08:15) The Operational group of Russian forces in Trans-Dniester started sniper specialist training The special attention will be paid to the self-positioning activities, orientation, passing of mine-obstacles, defining the target, destroying it and moving away successfully.
26.01.2015 (10:47) The Chemical troops servicemen, located in Buryatia, took part in the field exercise The NBC Protection reconnaissance units moved to the imaginary contamination area on the emergency vehicles RHM-4 to identify the poisonous substance and to pass the information to the unit command centre.
22.01.2015 (09:39) In the Eastern MD reconnaissancemen conducted the anti-terrorist exercise Within the exercise servicemen trained how to carry out search and destroy illegal armed groups, disestablish of caches with ammunition and weapons in the mountainous district.
20.01.2015 (00:00) Russian specialists will inspect the 1st tank division of Germany. Visit to the German unit is paid according to the VIENNA DOCUMENT 2011 on confidence- and security-building measures in order to check information about military forces and weapon systems deployment plan.
19.01.2015 (12:00) Swedish specialists are inspecting the rifle infantry brigade located in Murmansk region Visit to the Russian unit is paid according to the VIENNA DOCUMENT 2011 on confidence- and security-building measures
17.01.2015 (07:28) The IFVs and tanks extreme driving training started in the Eastern MD formations located in Buryatia. At Burduna training area (Republic of Buryatia) crews of infantry and tank units of the Eastern MD started the extreme driving training.
14.01.2015 (07:25) The servicemen of the Eastern Military District engineer troops improve their military skills Right after the New Year holidays sappers of the Eastern Military District located in the Republic of Buryatia performed special training tasks of demolition of wooden, concrete and concrete-steel constructions.
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