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24.03.2021 (14:24) Servicemen of the WMD tank army won the district stage of the Tank Biathlon competition The winners were awarded with diplomas, pennants and valuable gifts.
23.03.2021 (17:45) S-400 air defence systems of the Northern Fleet took part in the exercise on the protection of the Arctic airspace After the operational deployment of the launchers, the crews carried out a topographical reference and orientation of the complexes on the ground with further bringing them into combat mode and beginning to collect data on the air situation.
23.03.2021 (13:00) The district stage of the Tank Biathlon competition has ended in the Leningrad region Tank commanders and gunners-operators competed in the accuracy of shooting from the spot and in moving on targets, imitating tanks, infantry with a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher and low-flying helicopters.
23.03.2021 (10:15) The district stage of the Games-2021 of the Southern Military District competition Army Scout Masters has started in Chechnya The competition, which will last until March 30, is attended by about 100 scouts from formations and military units of SMD, including scouts from the 58th, 49th and 8th armies of SMD, the Black Sea Fleet and the 102nd military base.
21.03.2021 (12:00) Prospective samples of military and special equipment of the NBCP troops will be presented at the IMTF ARMY 2021 The samples are distinguished by their versatility and autonomy, and the presence in the composition of a modern instrumental complex allows you to perform the whole range of tasks for conducting radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance both in peacetime and in wartime.
21.03.2021 (08:00) The development of flamethrower-incendiary weapons will be discussed at the IMTF ARMY 2021 Based on the results of the round tables, recommendations and proposals will be developed for the creation of new and modernization of existing models of weapons and means of NBC protection.
18.03.2021 (18:15) The second stage of the competitions Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack started in the combined arms formation of the Central Military District As part of the competition, the crews shoot at targets from the weapons of T-72B3M tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles at maximum ranges.
18.03.2021 (16:30) Participants of the district stage of the ski mountaineering competition Sayan March-2021 made a 50-kilometer march in the Western Sayan mountains The servicemen worked out tasks on finding the victim in an avalanche, moving on skis in bundles, shooting as part of a squad, descending on a fixed rope, lifting the victim up the slope, as well as climbing up the slope in cats using fixed judge railings
17.03.2021 (22:00) Russian Defence Forces will take part in the international military-technical forum Army-2021 Representatives of the troops will take part in the scientific and business program, in the static exhibition and demonstration program of weapons and military special equipment of the troops.
17.03.2021 (12:28) Russian and Belarusian servicemen practiced maneuver defence during a joint exercise in the Nizhny Novgorod region In the abandoned area, the soldiers prepared false positions to mislead the mock enemy.
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