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10.09.2021 (23:45)

Tank crews of the combined arms army of the Western Military District have worked out the use of tank ambushes at the Mulino training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region

According to the plan of the exercise at the Mulino training ground, tank patrols went beyond the contact line and met the advancing enemy forces with counter fire from 125-mm guns. To practice tactical actions, the crews of T-72B3 tanks under the cover of smoke screens came out from under enemy fire and pulled the main forces of armored vehicles deep into the defence of their troops to defeat them at distances up to 1500 meters.

Non-standard approaches in the tactics of using tank crews allow to create new training methods and implement a comprehensive system of training tankers to perform scientific and combat tasks.

The mass use of new forms of training of tank, motorized rifle and engineering units of the formation will be widely used during practical actions of troops (forces) in the framework of the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021.

For reference:

The joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021 of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is held every two years in accordance with the decision taken by the heads of the two states, and is the final stage of joint training of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation this year.

The practical actions of the troops (forces) will take place in the period from 10 to 16 September 2021 at nine training grounds located on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the Baltic Sea and at five training grounds of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus.

About 200 thousand people, more than 80 planes and helicopters, up to 760 units of military equipment, including more than 290 tanks, more than 240 guns, multiple launch rocket systems and mortars, up to 15 ships will take part in the JSE Zapad-2021. Of these, 12,800 people (including up to 2,500 Russian servicemen), more than 30 aircraft and helicopters, up to 350 units of military equipment (including about 140 tanks, up to 110 guns, multiple rocket launchers and mortars) will be involved in the exercise on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

About 2 thousand servicemen from the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other friendly countries also participate in the exercise.

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