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Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence

The Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence (RChBD) of the Land Force are special forces designed to conduct the most complex set of measures aimed at reducing the loss of associations and formations of the LF and ensuring their combat tasks assigned during operations in conditions of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination, as well as at enhancing their survivability and protection against high-precision and other weapons.

The basis of the Troops of RChBD is realised by multifunctional separate brigades of RChBD having in their composition subunits capable to perform all activities of RChBD.
The main tasks of the Troops of RChBD include:

• identification and assessment of radiological, chemical and biological environment, scales and effects of damages of objects hazardous radiatively, chemically and biologically;
• protection of formations and units against the nuclear effects of mass destruction weapons and radiological, chemical and biological contamination;
• reducing the visibility of troops and facilities;
• disaster (damage) recovery in objects hazardous radiatively, chemically and biologically;
• causing loss to the enemy by using flame-incendiary means.

RChB Defence is organised and conducted in corpore both in conduct of hostilities using nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and without them and includes:
• nuclear detection;
• RChB reconnaissance and control;
• collection and processing of data and information on radiological, chemical and biological environment;
• notification of troops on RChB contamination;
• conducting special treatment (decontamination, degassing and disinfection) of armaments, military and special equipment, buildings and other objects, as well as sanitisation of personnel;
• aerosol counteraction against the enemy’s reconnaissance and targeting means.

The Troops of RChBD are developing as dual-purpose forces, able to solve tasks both in war and peace times, in the aftermath of accidents and disasters in industrial facilities hazardous radiatively, chemically and biologically. Further build-up of their capacity is realized by creating a modern system to identify and assess the extent and effects of weapons of mass destruction, integrated with automated control systems of troops and weapons and stable functioning in the RChB threat environment and strong electronic countermeasures. In addition, it is planned to equip formations, units and subdivisions of RChBD with new, highly effective means of RChB reconnaissance, individual and collective defence, technical means of reducing the visibility and masking, flame-throwing incendiary weapons, as well as to introduce improved materials, formulations, methods and technical means of decontamination.

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