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28.02.2021 (15:17) The small missile ship Orekhovo-Zuevo of the Black Sea Fleet passes the Black Sea straits towards the Mediterranean Sea The small missile ship Orekhovo-Zuevo is making a planned transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean to perform special missions and will replace the small missile ship Vyshny Volochek.
26.02.2021 (14:32) The joint exercise of the patrol boat Pavel Derzhavin and coastal missile system Bal was held at the Black Sea Fleet During the exercise the crew of the patrol boat Pavel Derzhavin worked out the search and detection of the mock enemy warship and destruction of her together with the coastal missile system Bal.
24.02.2021 (15:25) The Northern Fleet frigate Admiral Kasatonov performs the long range campaign tasks in the Aegean Sea The Russian sailors master their maritime skills and conduct the ship exercises on different types of defence of a single ship during the passage by sea.
24.02.2021 (09:30) The first stage of the competition Sea Cup-2021 is held at the Black Sea Fleet The competition is planned in Caspian Sea on the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran.
19.02.2021 (14:30) The crews of the Northern Fleet's long-range anti-submarine aircraft will practice refueling in the air The training will be held in the Krasnodar Territory together with representatives of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet. Several Tu-142 pilots of the Nothern fleet will participate in the exercise.
19.02.2021 (14:15) The crews of the ships of the BF performed shooting in the naval ranges of the fleet Along the way, they worked out the search and tracking of submarines of the mock enemy, as well as depth bombing and mine laying.
19.02.2021 (10:45) The crew of the CF SAS Makhachkala, as part of the delivery of the elements of the K-2 course task, learned to destroy sea and air targets In total, during the naval exercises, the personnel of the SAS Makhachkala performed more than 10 combat exercises. In the future, the combat training of the Caspian sailors will be continued by performing practical shooting and exercises as part of ship groups.
17.02.2021 (18:15) A detachment of warships of Baltic Fleet completed an exercise with Iranian Navy and is heading to the coast of Oman The Russian-Iranian naval exercise took place on February 15 and 16 in the Gulf of Oman and the northwestern Indian Ocean.
17.02.2021 (12:45) The mine defence ship Ivan Antonov of the Black Sea Fleet conducts an exercise in tracking trawls in the Mediterranean Sea Its crew successfully completed the assigned task of detecting and overcoming the conditionally mined section of the sea area.
17.02.2021 (10:15) More than 500 servicemen of the Caspian Flotilla are taking part in the qualifying stage of the Seaborne Assault competition According to the results of the competition, two teams will be selected as part of platoons and crews of the APC-82A, which will represent the flotilla at the all-army stage of the competition for marine units.
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