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14.09.2021 (15:00) The marines of the Baltic Fleet worked out tasks for the anti-landing defence of the coast within the framework of the JSE Zapad-2021 At the second stage of the exercise, the marines conducted a battle with the landing of a mock enemy, during this battle they performed live firing from small arms, grenade launchers, armament of armored personnel carriers BTR-82A, self-propelled guns Nona.
14.09.2021 (13:00) The marines of the BF performed artillery firing from self-propelled artillery installations during the JSE Zapad-2021 As part of the exercise, the marines also practiced actions in the offensive, during which, with the fire support of armored personnel carriers and artillery, they performed live firing from small arms and throwing grenades at target positions.
14.09.2021 (10:00) At the Zapad-2021 exercise, the WMD air defence servicemen successfully repelled a massive missile and air strike by a mock enemy In total, more than 60 air targets were detected, classified as aircraft of a mock enemy.
12.09.2021 (14:50) Ships of the Baltic Fleet destroyed a submarine of a mock enemy within the framework of the JSE Zapad-2021 In the framework of the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021 in the Baltic Sea, the crews of the small anti-submarine ships "Aleksin" and "Kabardino-Balkaria" in cooperation with the Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopters of the naval aviation of the fleet worked out the tasks of searching, detecting and destroying a mock enemy submarine.
11.09.2021 (04:05) The crew of the DES Dmitrov conducted torpedo firing in the Baltic Sea During the joint strategic Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad-2021, the crew of the diesel-electric submarine (DES) of the Baltic Fleet Dmitrov performed torpedo firing with practical ammunition from an underwater position in the Baltic Sea.
04.09.2021 (09:15) Sea Cup competition closing ceremony in Iran Having won three out of six stages, the Russian team ended up only four points behind the Iranian and took second place.
03.09.2021 (10:45) Participants of Sea Cup competition in Iran held sports competitions In the sports hall of Anzali seaport, volleyball matches and mini-football competitions were held between teams of the Iranian Navy and the crews of Russian, Azerbaijani and Kazakh ships.
02.09.2021 (06:00) Caspian Flotilla sailors destroy aerial target at Sea Cup competition in Iran Russian sailors performed the combat exercise first and made it faster and more accurately than all other participants, rightfully winning first place.
01.09.2021 (15:15) Ceremony of awarding the winners of Depth international competition and closing ceremony took place in Iran The awarding ceremony was conducted by the commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, and the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov.
31.08.2021 (11:40) In Iran, at Sea Cup competition, the crews of warships fired at floating sea mine According to the results of 4 past exercises, the Iranian team takes the first place, followed by the Caspian sailors, the third and fourth places are the crews of the ships of the Kazakh and Azerbaijani naval forces, respectively.
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