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25.11.2021 (13:00) Airborne training session is being conducted with the marines of the Black Sea Fleet Servicemen make jumps from a Mi-8 helicopter in the daytime at permissible weather conditions from a height of up to 800 meters in full combat gear.
22.11.2021 (13:30) Northern Fleet Marines conduct tactical shooting training During the training, the participants fired from a Yarygin pistol, a Makarov pistol and a Kalashnikov assault rifle at a distance of 10 to 300 meters.
22.11.2021 (12:30) Crews of ships of Caspian flotilla repel attack of mock enemy aircraft on basing point During the exercise, the Caspian Flotilla crews practiced the use of electronic and visual camouflage equipment, as well as methods of target distribution and firing missions through various communication channels.
22.11.2021 (09:30) In Crimea, the crews of the Triumph and Pantsir complexes destroy cruise missiles of the mock enemy The air targets of the mock enemy were electronically modeled with different parameters of flight speed and altitude, which made it difficult to perform a combat training mission.
19.11.2021 (15:45) A detachment of ships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet led by the LAS Vice Admiral Kulakov sailed into the North Sea During the passage of the English Channel, the detachment made a stop in the international waters of the Gulf of Seine and conducted a training to replenish fuel from a tanker.
16.11.2021 (12:15) The corvette Gremyashchy, the submarines Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Volkhov entered the port of Manila to replenish material reserves A detachment of ships performs an inter-fleet transfer from the Baltic Fleet to the place of permanent deployment to the Pacific Fleet.
13.11.2021 (19:30) Detachment of ships of Black Sea Fleet arrive at Algerian port to participate in Russian-Algerian naval exercise The purpose of the exercise is to practice joint actions of the navies of the two countries, to strengthen security in the region.
07.11.2021 (19:30) The air defence crew of the frigate Admiral Essen of the Black Sea Fleet conducted an exercise to cover the base point from a missile strike The targets were electronically imitated by the ship's weapons control systems and conditionally destroyed before the aircraft entered the combat course.
02.11.2021 (15:15) In Crimea, crews of Bal and Bastion missile and artillery formations of the Black Sea Fleet launch missile strikes at sea targets The ships of the Black Sea Fleet acted as the ships of the mock enemy.
02.11.2021 (12:45) Pacific Fleet ships conduct artillery firing in Okhotsk Sea During the exercise, artillery crews destroyed a coastal target imitating the command post of a mock enemy, and also completed a training mission to destroy floating sea mines.
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