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20.03.2020 (07:04) Corvettes of the Pacific Fleet "Sovershenniy" and "Gromkiy" worked out at sea to launch a missile attack on a mock enemy The day before, in Peter the Great Bay, the corvette crews, each operating in their own sector of the range, worked out the entire algorithm for performing a combat exercise, except for the actual launch of the "Uran" cruise missile complex.
18.03.2020 (13:39) The hydrographic vessel of the Pacific Fleet "Marshal Gelovani" arrived for an unofficial visit to Indonesia The vessel, under the general direction of the head of the Pacific Oceanographic Expedition, captain of 2nd rank Alexander Vinogradov, has been performing long-distance cruising to the coast of Antarctica since March 3.
18.03.2020 (11:40) Military personnel of the Caspian Flotilla are in the lead in the individual competition of the district stage of the competition "Sniper Frontier" At the site of Molkino Krasnodar region, about 50 snipers from SMD compete for the title of best, and the winners of each event will represent SMD team in the all-army competition "Sniper Frontier".
18.03.2020 (11:01) Naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet conducts a tactical flight exercise with the performance of combat training During the first stage of the exercise, the crews of aircraft and helicopters worked out measures to withdraw forces from the attack of the mock enemy with the further relocation of aircraft to spare airfields.
16.03.2020 (14:00) The Russian Navy's "Admiral Vladimirsky" oceanographic research vessel (ORV) has arrived in the Bellingshausen sea for oceanographic research as part of a round-the-world expedition In particular, the vessel surveys the sea areas adjacent to the coastline of Peter I island in order to correct nautical charts.
16.03.2020 (13:16) A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet completed a long-distance campaign During the campaign, the detachment left astern more than 5,000 nautical miles, and the crews worked out dozens of ship exercises and training.
06.03.2020 (09:30) A detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet worked out measures to protect objects of marine economic activity in the Black sea Five ships and boats of the fleet were involved in the exercise, including the "Samum" hovercraft, the "Shuya" and R-60 missile boats, and the "Kasimov" small anti-submarine ship.
04.03.2020 (15:53) The patrol ship "Yaroslav Mudriy" of the Baltic Fleet made a business call to the port of Colombo During the stay, the crew of the patrol ship replenished water, fuel, and food supplies and performed a technical inspection of the ship.
04.03.2020 (15:31) The crew of the newest submarine "Volkhov" in April will begin to ensure its testing In matters of testing, the High Command of the Russian Navy closely cooperates with project designing organizations and enterprises of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.
28.02.2020 (00:10) The Russian Navy's oceanographic research vessel "Admiral Vladimirsky" completed oceanographic research in the Bellingshausen sea and set a course for Montevideo (Uruguay) The ship is on the approved route of the Navy's round-the-world expedition, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian sailors and the 250th anniversary of I.F. Krusenstern birth. .
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