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10.07.2020 (17:30) At the "ARMY-2020" forum, the prospects for the development of the marine corps of the Navy will be discussed The development of the marine corps of the Navy for the period up to 2030 will be discussed during the international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020".
29.06.2020 (21:04) The participating teams of the all-Russian stage of the “Sea cup - 2020” competition demonstrated high competitiveness This stage of the competition will end on July 3, 2020. Winners are to take part in the International stage.
29.06.2020 (13:21) Su-30SM and Su-24M crews in the Kaliningrad region conduct in-flight aircraft refueling Trainee pilots make the first 8-10 link-ups with instructors, then 3-4 flyouts on their own.
29.06.2020 (10:15) The crew of the frigate "Admiral Makarov" of the Black Sea Fleet conducted a ship exercise in the Mediterranean sea During the exercise, the crew worked out the algorithm of actions in the event of an attack on the ship by underwater sabotage forces and means of the enemy while parked on an unprotected roadstead.
29.06.2020 (07:23) Diesel submarine of the Pacific fleet in the Japan sea held a torpedo firing at a group of ships of mock enemy In the course of joint search operations, the boat was discovered and anti-submarine strike group (ASSG) ships attacked it with jet depth charges and torpedoes.
28.06.2020 (12:30) Commander-in-Chief of the Navy launched the Sea Cup 2020 competition Sea Cup is a competition for marine training among crews of surface ships. It has been held as part of the International Army Games since 2015.
26.06.2020 (11:15) "Admiral Grigorovich" frigate of the Black Sea Fleet returns to Sevastopol In the course of fulfilling the assigned tasks, the frigate's crew made the transition to the Indian ocean, where they participated in events to demonstrate the flag of the Russian Federation.
24.06.2020 (14:51) A parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war was held in Kaliningrad The Victory parade was attended by about 1,500 soldiers of the Baltic fleet and security agencies, as well as modern military equipment that is in service with the fleet.
24.06.2020 (13:08) The military parade to commemorate the 75 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war took place in Sevastopol The celebration started in Sevastopol bay with the passage of the Commander-in-Chief of the Black Sea Fleet vice-admiral Igor Osipov on the both along the warships lined up for the parade.
16.06.2020 (13:52) The exercise of radio engineering units of air defense is being conducted in the Kaliningrad region The exercise is planned, involving about 500 military personnel and more than 50 pieces of armament, military and special equipment.
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