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21.07.2021 (00:00) The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation launches a special multimedia section dedicated to the fifth Main Naval Parade in the modern history of Russia The main naval parade will be held in St. Petersburg on the Navy Day on July 25 in the year of the 325th anniversary of the Russian Fleet.
19.07.2021 (15:10) ASW ships of the Northern Fleet enter the Atlantic In the Atlantic, the crews of the ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Kondopoga will continue to improve their naval training and will act according to the plan of the inter-fleet voyage.
19.07.2021 (09:00) The frigate Admiral Gorshkov successfully fired a hypersonic missile Zircon at a ground target During the tests, the tactical and technical characteristics of the missile were confirmed.
15.07.2021 (11:45) A meeting on the organization of the forum in Kerch was held in Simferopol in preparation for the Army-2021 IMTF Within the framework of the forum, the army corps of the Black Sea Fleet for the first time presented a dynamic demonstration of the capabilities of tactical airborne landing.
13.07.2021 (13:09) Naval aviation arrives in St. Petersburg to participate in the Main Naval Parade At present, the crews have begun training flights as part of tactical groups in the airspace of airfields.
02.07.2021 (16:45) The crews of the Su-24M of the Northern Fleet worked out bombing on the ships of the mock enemy Using target designation data, the bombers launched air-to-ground missiles, practiced bombing, as well as firing unguided rockets at the target field of the aviation range on the coast of the Kola Peninsula.
01.07.2021 (04:00) Combat aircraft and air defence systems of the VKS and Navy will be presented at the Army-2021 forum in Vladivostok The visitors will be presented Su-30M2 fighters, MiG-31BM interceptors, Mi-8AMTSh, Ka-52 helicopters, Ka-27 deck helicopter, DOSAAF light aircraft and helicopters.
29.06.2021 (20:45) The all-army stage of the Sea Cup-2021 competition has started in St. Petersburg At the opening ceremony of the competition, the contestants were congratulated by the head of the Navy combat training department, Rear Admiral Oleg Korolev, on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.
18.06.2021 (10:15) In Sevastopol, the participants of the all-army competition Warrior of Peace started the final stage of the competition The Professional stage consists of a military medical complex, a set of exercises for combat training and orientation on the ground.
18.06.2021 (09:15) The guards missile cruiser Moscow and the frigate Admiral Essen of the Black Sea Fleet pass the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits The detachment of ships, in accordance with the previously approved plan, will work out a set of tasks as part of the forces of the permanent grouping of the Russian Navy (Navy) in the Mediterranean Sea.
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