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11.02.2015 (17:14) The Northern Fleet Coastal Troops practice night firing More than 2000 servicemen of arctic units are involved in the night training.
11.02.2015 (12:45) “Pytlivyy” guided missile frigate has become operational After the obligatory course of combat training the crew of the frigate is to perform missions within the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean.
11.02.2015 (12:00) Main Command of the Navy has introduced a new methodics of navigators training According to the Chief Navigator of the Russian Navy Rear Admiral Eduard Luyk this methods were used at the first time during complex inspection of 5 categories of navigators of the Navy.
11.02.2015 (10:40) “Aurora” cruiser will come back in summer 2016 and will be moored at its former station This was announced by the Comander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov preceding the opening of the exhibition “Aurora” in the history of the Fatherland”.
11.02.2015 (10:36) MASS “Admiral Panteleyev” has destroyed submarine of imaginary enemy in the South China Sea Moreover antiterrorist marine unit practiced protection and defence of the Pacific Fleet detachment which performs combat service tasks in the Pacific Ocean.
10.02.2015 (18:10) The Northern Fleet NBC defence units will hone their special skills in severe conditions of the Arctic The Northern Fleet NBC coastal defence units have started field trainings. The exercises take place at the firing ranges located near Severomorsk and Polyarny towns.
10.02.2015 (14:41) The Black Sea Fleet Coastal Troops resumed training at the Angarsky training ground For a long time this training complex was out of operation but within the shortest possible time its personnel got the complex ready for holding exercises and firing training.
10.02.2015 (12:35) The Baltic Sea fleet warships have come to the port of Ceuta situated on the African coast The “Yaroslav the Wise” guard ship and the “Kola” tanker will stay in the Spanish exclave up to the 12th of February and then will set a course for the Atlantic.
09.02.2015 (19:09) In 2015 naval aviation to receive more than 20 MiG-29K aircraft As the Chief of the naval aviation major general Igor Kozhin explained, “these aircraft will constitute the basis for establishment of a new aviation unit within the Northern fleet”.
09.02.2015 (12:29) Caspian flotilla APC marines crews have started training for international contest “Caspian Sea – 2015” The unique simulation basis of higher education military institutions and training centers will allow professional training of military experts of all the variety of modern systems of air defence.
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