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19.01.2015 (16:13) Orthodox Christians of the Pacific Ocean Fleet commemorated the Epiphany. The Pacific Ocean Fleet naval hospital in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a traditional place for everyone to get some consecrated water and dive in ice-holes.
17.01.2015 (07:00) The «Black Berets» won the first prize of the Baltic Fleet hand-to-hand fighting Cup The “Shtil’” Fleet Intelligence Directorate team won silver medals, and the “Druzhina” Air Defence and infantry regiments’ joint team of the Baltic Fleet coastal defence troops won the bronze ones
16.01.2015 (08:21) The Pacific Fleet is equipped with two modern estuary tugs capable to tie Borej class submarines up. The Pacific Fleet support ships service is equipped with two estuary tugs RB-406 and RB-407.
15.01.2015 (16:44) The Northern Fleet anti-submarine warfare frigate Severomorsk left Oman and entered the Arabian Sea “Severomorsk” set its course to the convoy formation point to secure civilian ships from sea robbers’ attacks while passing the Gulf of Aden.
15.01.2015 (12:22) The Black Sea Fleet guards guided missile cruiser “Moskva” entered the Mediterranean Today, passing through the Suez Canal, the Russian Fleet ship detachment including the Black Sea Fleet flagship GGMC “Moskva” and the Baltic Sea Fleet middle-sized sea tanker “Kola” entered the Mediterranean
13.01.2015 (13:06) Commander of the North Fleet has inspected accommodation conditions of the arctic brigade servicemen In the military settlement there are today two barracks buildings and a canteen. The barracks are equipped with coffee rooms, rest-rooms, welfare and amenity rooms with washing machines and showers.
13.01.2015 (12:51) The Black Sea Fleet aviation is nowadays equipped with multidimensional fighters Su-30 Pilots of the Black Sea Fleet aviation started operating new jet fighters from the Crimean airdrome. The first three fighters performed flights over the peninsula.
Priboy universal landing ship to become an alternative to the French “Mistral” The stand of the High Command of the Russian Navy presented a model of the Priboy universal landing ship with unique characteristics.
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