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28.08.2021 (05:44) Crews of warships of the Russian Navy and the Vietnamese Navy took part in Sea Cup 2021 competition for damage control The competition on the use of life-saving appliances was held in Vladivostok on the basis of the water-sports station of the FAU of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation CSKA.
27.08.2021 (14:30) Within the framework of IMTF ARMY 2021 residents and guests of Vladivostok were shown the military aviation of Pacific Fleet Visitors to this site of the ARMY 2021 Forum will have the opportunity not only to inspect aviation equipment, but also to sit at the helm of some combat aircraft and helicopters.
26.08.2021 (12:10) TSea Cup competition first stage took place in Iranian port of Anzali Crews of ships from Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia competed in the speed of repairing various types of damage to the hull on the coastal training simulator for fighting water.
25.08.2021 (17:00) Russian Navy team shows most accurate artillery shooting in Sea Cup competition The crew of the Pacific Fleet corvette Sovershennyi showed well-coordinated work and high professionalism.
25.08.2021 (13:14) Sea Cup 2021 competition opening ceremony took place in Iranian port of Bender-Anzali The Russian side in the competition is represented by the crew of the small artillery ship Makhachkala of the Caspian Flotilla.
25.08.2021 (12:10) Russian Navy to receive new medium reconnaissance ships The supply contracts were signed with the Zelenodolsk plant named and Sredne-Nevsky shipyard.
24.08.2021 (17:00) Russian Navy team is in the lead after the 1st stage of Sea Cup international competition in Vladivistok Crew of corvette Sovershenniy of Pacific Fleet represent the Russian Navy at Sea Cup competition within International Army Games.
16.08.2021 (20:30) The national team of the Russian Navy held the first training session in the Indian Ocean at the Depth competition The servicemen performed the exercise "scales", according to the conditions of which two divers, having submerged under the water, had to transfer 10 weights weighing 32 kg each into one of the baskets of the beam scales.
13.08.2021 (16:00) Large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet enters the English Channel The corvette Gremyashii of the Pacific Fleet and the minesweeper Vladimir Yemelyanov of the Black Sea Fleet also operate as part of the detachment of ships and support vessels at sea.
11.08.2021 (12:00) Laros 2021 joint Russian-Lao military exercise started in Primorsky Territory This combat training event is anti-terrorist and is being held for the second time: the first such exercise was held in 2019 on the territory of Laos.
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