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28.07.2020 (06:40)

In the Sea of Japan, large anti-submarine ships of the Pacific Fleet and naval aviation used missiles, torpedoes and depth charges against mock enemy submarine

In the waters of the Sea of Japan, ships of the Primorsky Flotilla of various forces of the Pacific Fleet, in cooperation with naval aviation, conducted a tactical anti-submarine exercise, during which they practiced the search and destruction of a mock enemy submarine.

The ship search and strike detachment consisting of the large anti-submarine ships Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Tributs in cooperation with anti-submarine Il-38 aircraft and a Ka-27PL helicopter carried out a search for a mock enemy submarine in a given area For this purpose, one of the Pacific Fleet's diesel submarines was involved in the exercise.

After establishing contact with the submarine, the detachment attacked the submarine with the combined use of anti-submarine weapons: missiles, torpedoes and depth charges. Admiral Tributs launched a cruise missile with a homing anti-submarine torpedo, and the Admiral Vinogradov fired a salvo of torpedoes and anti-submarine depth charges.

From the air, the submarine was attacked by a Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopter, which used an aviation torpedo on it.      

Information Activities Office of the Primorye region (Vladivostok)
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