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12.03.2021 (13:30)

BF missile ships destroyed mock coastal and sea targets with Kalibr cruise missiles

In the course of the planned launch into the sea, small missile ships of the Baltic Fleet carried out electronic missile launches with Kalibr cruise missiles at a detachment of warships and coastal targets of the mock enemy.

In the Baltic Fleet's training zones, two naval attack groups made up of the small-size missile ships Sovetsk and Odincovo successfully performed electronic missile launches on targets imitating a squad of mock enemy warships, as well as on coastal targets located at a considerable distance. Missile firing was carried out by the ships simultaneously with the use of the Kalibr-NK missile systems.

As a result of electronic launches, all designated targets were successfully hit. The firing took place in a difficult jamming environment, which was artificially created to complicate the task for the crews of the ship's strike group.

During the exercise, the ships also carried out a repelling of an air raid with the help of barreled artillery and practiced training for setting up electronic jamming.

Having completed their fire missions, the crews conducted a series of training sessions - damage control, anti-sabotage defence, organization of interaction and communication between the ships, elements of joint navigation.

Press Service of the Western Military District
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