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20.05.2021 (11:10)

Crews of cruiser Moskva and frigate Admiral Grigorovich conduct air defence exercise with artillery fire

The crews of the missile cruiser Moskva and the frigate Admiral Grigorovich performed artillery fire at air targets during an air defence exercise.

The exercise was conducted in accordance with the fleet's combat training plan in one of the sea ranges in the Black Sea.

According to the plan of the exercise, the detachment of ships, after completing the assigned tasks to search for the submarine, headed for a return to the basing point.

During the exercise, the pilots were assigned the task of conducting reconnaissance, detecting a detachment of ships at sea, and practicing a mimic missile and bomb attack on targets.

After finding a detachment of ships, the pilots struck at the ships by dropping air targets - simulators of enemy air attack weapons.

The ship's air defense systems were ready for use, and electronic and visual camouflage systems were activated.

After the classification of targets and when approaching the range of destruction, the air defence crews practiced the destruction of the mock enemy by means of air defence of ships.  All targets were successfully destroyed at a safe distance for ships.

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