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10.06.2021 (11:30)

An operational exercise of the heterogeneous forces of the Pacific Fleet is being conducted in the central Pacific

An operational exercise of the heterogeneous forces of the Pacific Fleet (PF) is being conducted in the central part of the Pacific Ocean. The event is held according to the training plan of the military command and control bodies of the forces (troops) PF for 2021.

Naval tactical groups of the fleet, having made a transition of about 4 thousand km from their bases and duty areas, deployed the group in the designated area.

Up to 20 surface warships, submarines and support vessels, including the flagship the Varyag missile cruiser, the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev equipped with guided missile weapons, the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, the corvettes Gromky, Sovershenny and Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov, the ship of the measurement complex Marshal Krylov, as well as logistics support vessels, are involved in the exercise in the far sea zone.

Also involved in the exercise are about 20 aircraft, including long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142mz, high-altitude fighter-interceptors MiG-31BM and other aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Within the framework of the exercise, the tasks of managing a heterogeneous grouping of forces at a considerable distance from the base points for the protection and defence of sea (ocean) communications, as well as organizing the interaction of the operational grouping of ships and aircraft to search and track submarines and ship groupings of the mock enemy are practiced.

The general management of the operational exercise of heterogeneous forces in the Central Pacific is carried out by the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergey Avakyants.

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