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30.09.2021 (10:40)

The Marines of the Pacific Fleet have begun to march on equipment to the range as part of the two-way brigade exercise

Formations of the marine corps of the Pacific Fleet (PF) have begun marching on equipment from the areas of column formation to the training ground as part of the two-way brigade tactical exercise (TBTE) that has begun in Primorsky territory.

In accordance with the combat training plan of the coastal troops of the Pacific Fleet, two brigades of marines of the Pacific Fleet, stationed in Primorye and Kamchatka, in full force, march on equipment from the positional areas to the combat training ground Clerk.

Both formations were put on full alert, after which each brigade worked out measures to withdraw equipment and personnel to the areas of column formation and deploy a tent camp to prepare for the march.

The marine units operating in the attack were transferred in advance by large landing ships of the Pacific Fleet from Kamchatka to the waiting area to prepare for the march.

In turn, the marine brigade in defence will need to ensure the protection of the seashore from the landing of air and sea troops of a mock enemy.

The commanders of the Primorsky and Kamchatka marine brigades do not know the intent of each other's actions, during the two-way brigade tactical exercise they must disrupt each other's plans and perform the task with non-standard methods of combat.

During the active phase of the exercise, live firing will be carried out from the armament of armored personnel carriers BTR-82A, BMP-3, 122-m self-propelled howitzers Gvozdika, T-80BV tanks, ZSU Shilka, as well as from artillery installations of ships of the Pacific Fleet. In addition, combat shooting at the training ground will be practiced by pilots of army and naval aviation on helicopters and airplanes.

The two-way brigade tactical exercise of the marine corps formations of the Pacific Fleet will be completed on October 8.

Press Service of the Eastern Military District
Pacific Fleet , Marine Infantry , Eastern Military District
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