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15.10.2021 (15:00)

Small missile ship Ingushetia of the Black Sea Fleet returns from the Mediterranean Sea

The small missile ship Ingushetia of the Black Sea Fleet is returning from the Mediterranean Sea after completing missions to the forces of the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the far sea zone.

At present, he has passed the Sea of Marmara and is carrying out the passage of the Bosphorus.

The crew of small missile ship makes a planned transition from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea to the point of permanent deployment.

In the far sea zone, the ship has been performing special tasks since July 2021, at the beginning of October this year it was replaced by the crew of Vyshny Volochek.

After entering the Black Sea, the small missile ship will become part of the ship group and take part in the final check of the forces (troops) of the Black Sea Fleet during the summer training period.

Press Service of the Southern Military District
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