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27.10.2021 (07:15)

Marines of the Northern Fleet have practiced anti-aircraft fire in the Arctic

In the Pechenga District of the Murmansk Region, at a military training ground near Lake Santayarvi, a live-fire exercise was held for air defense units of the Northern Fleet Marine Corps. The Marines worked out the destruction of air targets using portable Igla anti-aircraft missile systems and Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile systems based on lightly armored tracked transporters.

More than 100 military personnel and 15 units of military and special equipment were involved in the exercise.

According to the plan of the exercise, the air defence batteries covered the marine units in the positional area, on the march and on the offensive. Combat crews of anti-aircraft gunners performed firing on the move at suddenly appearing targets, imitating the helicopters of a mock enemy.

Also, during the exercise, the marines practiced repelling the attack of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy, overcame conditionally contaminated areas of the terrain, deployed in battle formation and performed measures to prepare for firing anti-aircraft missiles and fire control.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
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