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Marine Infantry

The Marine Infantry (MI) is an Arm of the Coastal Troops of the Navy, designed and specially trained for combat operations in amphibious landings, as well as for defending naval bases, important parts of the coast and coastal facilities.

The marines in amphibious operations can operate on its own for capturing stationing sites of the enemy’s navy, ports, islands, non-integrated parts of the enemy’s coast. In the cases, when the landing basis is represented with the Land Force’s units, the marines land within advanced units to seize seashore points and parts and to support landing on them of the main landing forces.

The MI’s armaments: waterborne combat equipment, portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems and automatic small arms.

The Marine Infantry’s formations and subunits are landed on the beach from amphibious ships and boats, as well as from shipborne and shore-based helicopters with fire support of ships and aircraft. In some cases, the marines can surmount water spaces under their own power aboard amphibian vehicles (in most cases, armoured personnel carriers).

Originally, the tasks of the marines consisted in carrying out rifle firepower against crews of the enemy’s ships and boarding combats (e.g., the Battle of Gangut in 1714), as well as in guard duty. Subsequently, the Marine Infantry was applied mainly as amphibious forces to seize the enemy’s bases and ports (e.g., the Archipelago expeditions of the Russian Navy, the Mediterranean campaign under Ushakov in 1798-1800), as well as for supporting ground forces in seaside areas and in some cases for conducting anti-landing defence.

In Russia the marines appeared in 1705, when during the Great Northern War of 1700-1721 the armed struggle unfolded in the seaside and island areas. Formations and units of the Marine Infantry were repeatedly disbanded and recreated. Newly formed in 1939, formations and units of the Marine Infantry during the Great Patriotic War were widely used in amphibious operations and defences of the Fleets’ bases. In the postwar years, they were disbanded and appeared in the Navy’s strength in the early 1960s. When carrying out combat service aboard warships and support vessels of the RF Navy, particularly in the Gulf of Aden, the marines showed high combat readiness and effectiveness. The Marine Infantry is organic to the armed forces of many countries. The Russian marines are rightly considered to be one of the best specialists in this, without a doubt, uneasy sort of activities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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