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Naval Aviation

The Naval Aviation is the Service Arm of the Navy, designed for searching and destroying enemy naval combat forces, landing parties, convoys and single ships (vessels) at sea and bases; covering groups of ships and naval facilities from enemy air strikes; destroying aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles; aerial reconnaissance; targeting the strike forces on enemy ship units and transmitting target data to them. It is also drawn to mine laying, mine sweeping, electronic warfare (EW), airlifting and landing, search and rescue operations at sea. The Naval Aviation’s basis is constituted by aircraft (helicopters) for various purposes. It performs the tasks assigned on its own and in conjunction with the other Service Arms of the Navy, as well as formations (units) of the other Services of the Armed Forces.

As to its functions, the Naval Aviation is divided into its Arms: the Naval Missile-Carrying, Antisubmarine, Fighter, Reconnaissance and Auxiliary (Early Warning & Targeting, Electronic Warfare, Mine Countermeasures, Control & Signal Communications, Air Refueling, Search & Rescue, Transport, Ambulance) Aviations.

The Naval Aviation operates from airfields and aircraft-carrying ships. By basing site it is divided into the deck-based aviation and land-based aviations.

At the present stage, the Naval Aviation is developing in the direction of improving all the types of aircraft, increasing their speed, flight range and endurance, equipping with high-precision guided weapons, widespread introducing computer technologies, control systems and methods, automation means of data collection & processing and target data acquisition for high-precision destruction of all targets, creating means of search and destruction of surface and submarine targets based on the new physical principles, increasing their stealth and combat stability.

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