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01.04.2021 (17:00) Army aviation helicopters are involved in the exercise of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Altai territory Mi-8AMTSh transport and combat helicopters are used during a large-scale exercise of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Altai territory.
15.03.2021 (21:00) The Novosibirsk rocket formation will host the qualifying stage of the competition Field Kitchen The Field Kitchen is the most delicious and peaceful competition, during which military chefs will demonstrate their skills in preparing a variety of delicious and healthy food in the field.
15.03.2021 (20:20) The competition Falcon Hunting is being held in the Novosibirsk rocket formation The best team will be given the opportunity to participate in the next stage of the competition.
28.12.2020 (05:15) Strategic Missile Forces is vaccinating personnel against coronavirus infection Vaccination is carried out in two stages with an interval of 21 days.
06.10.2020 (10:15) A large-scale command and staff exercise of the Strategic Missile Forces ended in the Irkutsk region Within the framework of the exercise, an extensive list of tasks was worked out, including bringing to the highest levels of combat readiness, performing maneuver actions on patrol routes, and countering sabotage formations.
03.09.2020 (17:42) During the Safe environment-2020 international competition, six records were set On the first day of competition alone, chemical recce crews surpassed the team's achievements set in previous years with three records.
29.08.2020 (12:44) Deputy Defence Minister Ruslan Tsalikov opened the Emergency area international competition of rescue units The main goal of the competition is to demonstrate the teamwork and skill of the teams, which are extremely necessary for the implementation of emergency rescue measures, solving issues of joint cooperation in modern conditions.
29.08.2020 (09:30) The club of fans of the international competition for the best crew of the NBC recconaissance "Safe Environment" opened in the "Patriot" park A special place in the club of fans of the contest "Safe Environment" is occupied by a multimedia play area.
26.08.2020 (15:41) The Russian team is in the lead after the first stage of the "Individual race" at the international competition "Safe environment" In one competitive day, the Russian team set three world records at once.
24.08.2020 (08:40) Russian chemical recce crew sets new world record During the individual race, the driver of the RHM-4 chemical reconnaissance vehicle demonstrated the skills of driving special equipment on a closed route with a total length of 5,500 meters.
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