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24.08.2020 (05:00) Russia has launched the international competition "Safe environment" with the participation of teams from nine countries At the stage of fire training, participants must demonstrate the ability to fire from various inconvenient positions in a limited space, high accuracy when shooting from standard weapons.
13.07.2020 (18:49) The first stage of the all-army competition "Emergency area-2020" was completed in the training center near Moscow In the next two stages, the teams will compete for the final, which will be held on July 18.
16.06.2020 (21:50) SMF radio communications specialists to deploy communication facilities during the «Confident reception-2020» contest During the competition, SMF signal units specialists will carry out tasks to raise their professional skills
03.03.2020 (23:44) A number of promising weapons and military hardware samples created in 2019 will be presented at the "ARMY 2020" IMTF. Preparation for the conduct and participation of SMF specialists in the framework of the "round tables" of the scientific and business program was organized.
27.02.2020 (13:30) The "Yars" column arrived in Alabino, near Moscow, to prepare for the military parade As part of the mechanized column of the parade, three autonomous "Yars" rocket launchers will pass through the Red Square.
09.01.2020 (10:57) The Strategic Missile Forces received about 100 units of modern equipment for the NBC protection The first full line of modern samples of special equipment, including RHM-6, ARS-14KM, and UTM-80M, received Tagil missile formation.
06.01.2020 (14:27) In 2020, Strategic Missile Forces plan to conduct six launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles In 2019, five strategic missile launches were carried out, which confirmed the high reliability of the missile systems.
31.12.2019 (13:00) More than 500 crews of SMF will be on combat duty during the New Year’s night Commanders of military units and formations will congratulate the personnel on duty.
16.12.2019 (05:02) 1st regiment of Yars mobile ground missile systems will take on combat duty in Altai Territory Currently, the Strategic Missile Forces have about 200 mobile launchers in service.
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