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26.08.2020 (15:41)

The Russian team is in the lead after the first stage of the "Individual race" at the international competition "Safe environment"

After completing the first stage of the "Individual race" of the international competition "Safe environment", the crew of the Russian team takes the leading position in the standings with the best score of 22 minutes 49 seconds. This figure is also a world record for the entire six-year history of the competition. With a gap of about three minutes, the second place is taken by servicemen from the Republic of Belarus. The third place was taken by the team from the Republic of Armenia. The subsequent places were distributed as follows: the team of the People's Republic of China occupies the fourth position, followed by the crew from the Republic of Uzbekistan, and after them is the team of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which passed the distance with an indicator of 39 minutes 29 seconds.

In one competitive day, the Russian team set three world records at once. The chemical reconnaissance crew from Russia has surpassed its rivals in the speed of detecting sources of ionizing radiation. The servicemen managed to detect a radioactive object in 35 seconds, thereby setting an absolute record in this element of the competition. Even the winners of "Army  Games-2019", who hold the previous record, fulfilled this standard for two seconds longer. At the final turn of the firestorm lane, teams from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan set a new world record during the "Individual race" stage, showing the same time. Twice in one day, the stopwatch hand stopped at 5 minutes and 14 seconds. This result of the two teams, officially registered by international judges and observers, became the best in the history of International Army Games.

For the first time, nine teams representing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Armenia, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the Republic of Mozambique participate in the competition.

The training ground tracks simulate the zone of a man-made accident as much as possible. They are equipped with a track bridge, a track passage in a mine-explosive barrier, a restricted passage, and a section of extreme maneuvering.

The competition consists of three stages: "individual race", "fire training" and "relay".

At the stage of fire training, participants must demonstrate the ability to fire from various inconvenient positions in a limited space, high accuracy when shooting from standard weapons.

During the most spectacular stage – the relay – the contestants will have to detect "radiation", carry out special processing of weapons and equipment, as well as overcome various obstacles.

International competitions will allow the crews of RHM-4 to demonstrate their skills on a special route equipped with sites for sampling conditionally infected soil, find radioactive sources on the ground and on equipment, identify toxic substances in the air and conduct special processing of equipment.

The competition will end on August 29.

Объединенный пресс-центр АрМИ-2020
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