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06.10.2020 (10:15)

A large-scale command and staff exercise of the Strategic Missile Forces ended in the Irkutsk region

In the Irkutsk region, a large-scale command and staff exercise of the strategic missile forces (SMF) was completed, in which more than 3 thousand military personnel took part and about 300 pieces of equipment were involved. This event was the first after the complete re-equipment of the Irkutsk missile formation to the "Yars" mobile complex.

As part of the exercise, missile regiments went on combat patrol routes both during the day and at night. At the same time, an extensive list of tasks and introductory ones was worked out, including on bringing to the highest level of combat readiness, performing maneuver actions on combat patrol routes, countering sabotage formations, and performing tasks in conditions of intensive operations by sabotage and reconnaissance groups (SRG) in the areas where troops are deployed.

According to the plan of the exercise, the military personnel of the Irkutsk missile formation detected and destroyed the mock saboteurs. The SRG conducted mining of certain sections of roads on the routes of combat patrol of mobile ground-based "Yars" missile systems.

Transport and combat helicopters and complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles were used to search for the SRG.

To neutralize the "saboteurs", groups were involved in the fight against sabotage and reconnaissance formations on Mi-8AMTSh helicopters, which conducted aerial reconnaissance.

Conditional SRG were detected on the distant approaches to field positions, promptly blocked and destroyed. The sabotage groups, which outnumber the security and defense units, failed to disrupt the preparation of the crews for the implementation of the combat training task.

Large-sized vehicles returned to their permanent locations.

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Strategic Missile Forces
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