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Strategic Missile Forces
Command of the Strategic Missile Forces
Missile Armies

- Vladimir Missile Association (the Vitebsk Red Banner Guards Missile Army);
- Orenburg Missile Association (the Orenburg Missile Army);
- Omsk Missile Association (the Berislav-Khingan Twice Red Banner Order of Suvorov Guards Missile Army)

Rocket connections

- Bologoye missile formation (the Rezhitsa Red Banner Guards missile division);
- Barnaul missile formation (the Red Banner Orders of Kutuzov and Aleksandr Nevsky missile division);
- Irkutsk missile formation (the Vitebsk Guards Red Banner Order of Lenin missile division);
- Yoshkar-Ola missile formation (the Kiev-Zhitomir Order of Kutuzov 3rd grade missile division);
- Kozel’sk missile formation (the Red Banner Guards missile division);
- Novosibirsk missile formation (the Glukhov Red Banner Orders of Lenin, Suvorov, Kutuzov and B. Khmel’nitsky Guards missile division);
- Tatishchevo missile formation (the Taman’ Red Banner Order of October Revolution missile division);
- Tagil missile formation (the Tagil missile division);
- Teykovo missile formation (the Order of Kutuzov Guards missile division);
- Uzhur missile formation (the Red Banner missile division);
- Yurya missile formation (the Melitopol’ Red Banner missile division);
- Yasny missile formation (the Red Banner missile division);

- the State central multi-service range of the Russian Defence Ministry

Training centres and School of technicians

- the 161st SMF School of technicians (Astrakhan’ Region);
- the 90th SMF Regional multi-service training centre of signal communications (Yaroslavl region);
- the SMF Regional multi-service training centre (the Pskov Region)

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