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Another regiment of AA defence systems S-400 Triumf will be deployed on Kamchatka

The servicemen of the SAM regiment of the troops and forces of the North-East of Russia have started preparations for transportation of the AA defence systems S-400 Triumf from the firing range Kapustin Yar to Kamchatka.

More than 20 pieces of special military equipment will be embarked on flatcars and transported by military trains to the Primorskiy Krai, then by the sea to the destination point.

Allocation of these systems on the Kamchatka peninsula will make it possible to provide air defence of the facilities and materiel of the Pacific Fleet including missile-carrying nuclear submarines in Vilyuchinsk.

The AA defence system S-400 Triumf is developed to shoot down jamming aircraft, AWACS aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft of strategic and tactical aviation, tactical, operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other contemporary and future means of air strike.

The AA defence system S-400 is developed on the basis of the existing S-300 systems but it has greater performance.

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